A Good Book and A New Home!

I have never really considered if I believe in psychics but recently I found myself reading two books, both of which featured people with "senses" and I thought, well if I didn't believe it then, I'd certainly believe it could happen now. Books have a way of making you believe in pretty much anything. 

First, I listened to Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld on audiobook. I had tears in my eyes several times through it. Not because it was sad, but because it was so familiar. There were descriptions about childhood that were so real, I felt like someone was reading my memories out loud.  

Sisterland is about two sisters, Violet and Daisy, who, at a young age, realize that their world isn't the same for those not inside their home and young minds. First, their mother is lost to depression, staying in her room throughout the days and taking credit for the meals that her daughters make before their dad gets home from work. Secondly, and most detrimental to their lives, is the fact that the twins share the gift of a sixth sense. They see things happening in their mind that are then played out right before their eyes in real life. They know that their aunt will soon pass away. They know which one of the classmates will die the youngest.

For Violet, her sense is a means for attention. She's the wild child who goes on to use her power to gain public notoriety. But for Daisy, who grows up and changes her name to Kate, creates a new life for herself without the sense. She trains herself to ignore it and has convinced herself that she no longer as the power. She would rather enjoy her quiet life with her husband and 2 children. Until Violet goes on public television to tell the world that a major, life change earth quake is coming. 

Her announcement leaves everyone around them in a panic and Kate must decide if the nagging senses that she feels are just paranoia or if her sense going back to her. 

This isn't YA and Twilight-like. I don't want anyone to write this book off just because there's a little "make believe" in the fact that the characters have a physic ability. It's a very believable story. It's mostly about sisters and their relationship that seems unconditional until things happen that they have no control over. 

The greatest thing about this book is that the characters do unforgivable things. They lie, they test trust, they walk out. But they redeem themselves, which makes me feel hopeful. 

My recommendation is to read it and keep an open mind. 


In other news, this life of mine has taken a trip down the crazy lane. 
It's Thanksgiving week, which means there are pecan pies to make, family to visit and elastic pants to find. (as if I don't know exactly where they are already). 
But don't worry, that's what the Pioneer Lady is for, because she has the no-fail pecan pie recipe that is TO.DIE.FOR. 

As if this wasn't a crazy enough week already, CJ and I have decided it would be a good time to MOVE. Like as if, you just up and decide theses kinds of things? Technically we could move after Turkey Week but for some reason, I like crazy. So this weekend, we got high off of paint fumes for three days straight and now we are going to see how many mattresses we can fit inside our Yukon. You know what's NOT fun? Moving. Bring me someone who likes to move and I will bake them a pie (see above). 

So that's what we are up too and really, I'm not complaining.  A new home, new paint schemes, and more room to run and play. I've got plenty to be thankful for! 

What To Duck From When You Have a Son- A Birthday Post for R1

R1 turns 7 today.


How have I had a child for longer than I spent in high school? How has it been over a decade that he has been invading my personal space, taking way-too-big "sips" of my pop, and making me giggle when he should be getting trouble?

I have no idea. But wow, does the saying "time flies when you're having fun" ring true when I think of my boy.

In the last 7 years I've called 911, been to the ER twice, been called by the principle, pulled out countless splinters, heard one too many butt jokes and skipped hundreds of bedtimes. 

Just the other night, when an "experiment" with food coloring turned my yellow kitchen rug an ugly brown, I was going off my hinges, yelling at him to go to his room and for the love of baby Jesus, go take a shower, you stink!"

But the minute he is out of the living room, I miss him. Well, not immediately, but I do notice how quiet the house is without him. And I don't always like it.

What R1 has taught me about life are lessons that can never be taught from the "What to Expect When You're Expecting." Maybe I should write my own bestseller, "What to Duck From When You Have a Son." It would have lists of all the things that get thrown at you. Dirty socks and weird questions like why do boogers get hard and if dogs can poop outside, why can't I?" 

Also, Legos (when you aren't stepping on them) are flying by your nose all the time. Along with screams from his poor little sister because he's chasing her around the house with a can of air freshener. And screams from the boy himself when I tell him to clip his fingernails or take a shower. These are the things you need to know about when you have a boy. Their feet stink way before you think they will. They will ALWAYS get food on their face no matter how careful you are. And simply licking your thumb and rubbing it off before dropping him off for school won't cut it. That stuff is there to stay. 

These adventures are just that. And they are fun (testing at times, but still fun). I yell, I throw my own tantrums as the result of some of these "adventures" sometimes but I still wouldn't trade him for the world. 

Yes, there have been times (more recently than ever) that I look at my little man, who gets perfect grades at school, whose teachers have always called him a great helper and compassionate friend, and I just wonder "what in the HELL where you thinking?" But all of the good things he says and does outweigh the bad. As his mom, I truly believe that his episodes of misbehavior are the best opportunities for learning life lessons, so I take them all in stride. (After having breakdowns on the phone with my sister, first of course.) 

But life without him would be so boring. Cleaner, less smelly and quieter, yes. But boring. Less sunshine, less snuggles, less goofy faces. Who wants to live a life with no cheesy smiles? Not this mama. 

Yesterday I read an article about being the mom of "That Kid"- you know the ones your kids are always telling you about who get into trouble or annoy everyone during quiet time. I'm not convinced R1 is "That Kid" but even if he is sometimes, as long as he knows the difference between wrong and right, I am not ashamed of him and I won't ask him to change his boisterous ways. 

Because that's him. And it's been 7 years that he's been this way and I can't imagine life any other way. 

Happy Birthday, Ryder Cash. You are so loved! 

Simple Things

I just noticed that lately my family and I have really been just enjoying the simple things in life....

Like eating dinner on the living room floor while watching Hook.

Like everyone sharing what they would change their name to if they could have any name in the world (Vivian Pearl Montgomery, duh)

Naming what talent you would do if you were starring in a talent show....

Sharing your pits and peaks of the day at dinner time

Telling the kids you ate all of their Halloween candy and watching them throw fits like the kids on Jimmy Kimmel


Shamelessly listening to the new Taylor Swift album 

Full House instead of bedtime 

The Two Dots app 

Making up cookie recipes (one yellow cake mix, 3 eggs, 1/3 cup old, 1 cup quick oats, 1/3 cup peanut butter, 1 bag of peanut butter chips)

Reading 5 samples of books before deciding which one to download 

Having enough time in the morning to curl your hair 

Actually having a house that will turn my "make believe" home decor Pinterest boards a reality.. (fingers crossed)

Sticking up for Lena Dunham on Twitter 

Extra extra big sweatshirts with leggings

Ugg boots that will never ever go out of style (in my book anyway)

Discovering the slow motion feature on your phone camera and playing for an hour watching your kids karate chop "like in the movies." 

Christmas catalogs in the mail 

Opening the windows and letting in the cooler air so everyone will want to cuddle with me. 

Facetiming with our Lucy  

Taking goofy selfies 

And shamelessly staying in our pjs on the weekends, which is exactly what we plan on doing! Happy Friday! 

Book Round Up

Finally, some quiet time to actually blog! 
On top of Halloween, looking for a house, having the kids busy with school and activities, I have some time to put together one of my favorite posts to do, a book round up! It has literally taken me days to finish this post but better late then never, right?! 
Here's a collection of books that have caught my eye lately with an explanation about why I think it sounds like a good read along with a short synopsis. Enjoy! 

Reunion by Hannah Pittard

I just love a good reunion. High school, family, old friends. There's just something about revisiting the past while comparing it to your present that is interesting. The possibilities for drama are endless.

In Reunion, you'll find a woman who is, according to herself, failing at life. Her career and her marriage have ended and now she's facing her siblings (whole, step and half) in the wake of her father's death. There's ex wives, old feuds and a father she never really understood. All of these combine for a book I think would be perfect for a rainy day. 

Is it just me, or is this the greatest title ever? Something about bones is slightly scary and  unnerving and the word "clocks" makes me feel anxious. It may one of the most intriguing book titles I have heard about in a long time. Just that was enough to snag it a spot on my must read list. That and the fact that I have seen it getting lot of book buzz lately. 

A fifteen-year-old runaway hears voices. A wealthy boy from the right side of the tracks. Something paranormal is tying several different characters from various parts of the world together. The mystery spans decades-1984 to 2043 and the New Yorker review called it a mysterious masterpiece. And you can't really argue with the New Yorker, can you? 

Two things I have a lot of curiosity and experience with: Accidents and Marriage, which is  why it caught my attention. That, and the fact that it tackles the much less talked about  type of abuse. We hear about physical abuse but there's also emotional abuse that many people face (myself included) that also needs to be talked about, It made me want to read it even more. Emotional abuse is still abuse, even if the bruises left behind aren't visable. 

Maddy is a wife and mother who is constantly playing catch up in life. She's devoted to being a good mother and to not setting off her husband's temper. But the day comes when she can't avoid his outbursts any longer and she finds herself in the hospital and her life off balance. This is a story of how a woman battles again emotional abuse and fights for her family. 

Right now, I am devouring The Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld and audiobook and deciding whether or not to start Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult or Yes Please by Amy Poehler. I've read samples on my Kindle for both and loved them! What would your vote be? 

If you are looking for more great book choices, check out the 2014 Best Books of Goodreads awards going on right now. They have a great list of top books plus you get to vote for your favorites! Coming soon, I will be sharing with you which ones I would choose as the winners!