642 Ways Writing Saves My Soul

As a writer, I oftentimes find myself yearning to write, I just don't know about what. 

That's why I love lazy Saturdays. When the kids are gone, the house is too quiet, the day is too boring. That's why reading and writing are so important to me because it fills the gap. I constantly have to stay busy so that boredom and missing my kids doesn't rest on my chest all day. 

642 Things to Write About has saved many an empty Saturday.

Because I love it so much, I wanted to share what my answers have been to some of the prompts, just for fun. This book has so many random prompts that your imagination really takes off when you write. Sometimes I get creative, sometimes I take trips down memory lane and other times  I just ramble. Emotions range, sometimes I write happy and sometimes I surprise myself and purge sad feelings I didn't even know I felt, but still recognize once I read them out loud. 

Write a story based on the title of your favorite song:

(My favorite song is "She Will Be Loved" and I wrote this while thinking about my teenage self, who had terrible self esteem.)

She used to get up early every morning and brush her hair, 100 times on each side, staring at her blue eyes in the mirror, only to wish they were bluer. 
She wanted shinier hair, skinnier legs and eyebrows that were different than the  prominent ones she hated in the mirror. She saw these things and thought "No matter what, I just hope someday, someone will love me despite these things. Someday, I will be loved." 

And then...years later, she stared at that same girl, now a woman, in the eyes and finally sees herself as he sees her. Blue eyes, shiny hair, eyebrows, he says, that are perfectly fitting for her many expressions. And she's no longer worried. There is no longer a question whether or not she will be loved. She is loved. By him, and finally, by herself. 

The first time you were caught in a lie

I was maybe four years old. I had a brand new Polly Pocket. I was playing with it outside on the front steps and for some reason I took Polly's little head and scraped it against the concrete until her blonde hair paint had scratched away. Later when my mom asked what happened to Polly, I told her that my sister had stepped on it. My sister's account of the story didn't match my own and somehow, in her infinite mother-knowledge, she knew I was lying. She took that Polly and put her on the mantle, were Polly stared down at me with accusatory glares each time I walked by. 

Write a poem about a tomato 

A juicy reminder of a simpler time
Hot summer sun, dirt under my fingernails
Grandma hands me a rip jewel from her own garden
And with a sprinkle of salt, I turn it into a quick, disappearing snack.

Write a press release announcing one of the biggest moment in your life. 

KEARNEY, NE- A 16 year old female was hospitalized on Thursday after doctors were unable to find reasoning for her excessive bleeding. 

The doctor on the case reported that the patient arrived at the Kearney Clinic Thursday complaining of multiple nose bleeds and excessive bruising. Nurses performed a bleed-time test and were unable to stop the young female from bleeding. 

The doctors told the female's mother that a hospital stay was required for further testing. After discovering the female's blood platelet count to be as low as 11,000, the doctor shared his fear that she may have leukemia. 

According to the CDC, the average person has upwards of 150,000-300,000 platelets. 

"The doctor told us he was surprised my daughter was even conscious with that low of a platelet count." said the girl's mother.

After a lengthy hospital stay and multiple tests, the doctors were able to rule out leukemia.

They later diagnosed her with an autoimmune disorder called Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). At press time, she was hospitalized but in stable condition. 


The great thing about 642 is that sometimes I need to write. I don't necessarily have anything to write about but it just bubbles up in my chest and I just know that I need to write something. It's therapeutic and relaxing. Sometimes I write about random memories or vegetables but whatever the topic, it means a lot to me to create words that are my own. 

What do you do when you just need to write?