A List of Lists I Need to Make

People who deserve thank you notes from me 

Photos to print off instead of just having them online

Babysitters from my childhood I need to apologize for torturing

Educational/Enlightening television shows I need to watch instead of Real World Skeletons and Challenge Exes II 

Books I need to reread as an adult so I actually understand what's going on

Clothes I need to get rid of even though I swear I'll fit in again/get the stain out/turn into a scarf someday 

Pinterest recipes I can actually buy the ingredients for and really make them. 

How To Knit for Beginner Tips. I'm knit even kidding. I want to learn so bad. 

Reasons to be thankful. 

Work outs I might actually do using some canned goods and a dining room chair 

Reasons why NOT to go see 50 Shades in the theaters.

Why Ambien is an over-thinker's best friend 

Reasons I love my cats so I will remember why not to scream at them after they climb my curtains. (I can't even lie: at first I accidentally typed kids instead of cats and almost left it because it still fit and was way funnier).

Things that I need to let go of because I will never ever be able to change. 

Things I don't want to ever let go so that I'll remember to appreciate them. 

Words I should quit saying so that my kids won't repeat them. 

Quotes that make me calm 

A list of things that I need to make a list of for this list. Just kidding. I can't even follow that enough to makes sense it. 

Do you have an endless to do list?