No Resolutions Just Promises

So I am not going to bore you with a long list of resolutions I swear I am going to keep in the New Year. I've never really even made a resolution, let alone actually follow up with one. For about the past 4 years, I've always started going back to the gym around this time of year. Sometimes it sticks for a few months, most times it doesn't.

And last year, I swore I was going to be better at blogging, but I did a terrible job at nurturing my little corner of the web and it makes me the most sad.

I just feel like saying "my resolutions are..." is the biggest set up for failure. If I have no expectations, I will have no disappointments. I know, I know, it's a total cop out.

So I am just going to say that I want to keep promises to myself  this year. That's not as serious as a resolution, I feel like. I can handle promises.

I promise myself to listen to more Podcasts. Serial. Dear Sugar. Risk.  And whatever else you tell me to listen to.

I promise to blog more. Share more book recommendations. Share more random thoughts. Not because I think people want to read what I write, but because I just hope someone will read something and say "hey, ME TOO!" and then BAM- best friends.

I promise to not screw up the 24 Advocare Challenge that I am about to start. My best girlfriend from high school has inspired me and I took the plunge and will start Monday. (and yes, that means I will eat the last fast food meal for a very long time this weekend- diets ALWAYS start on Mondays). If I can dream it, I can do it. #spacejam

I promise myself not to finish my kids' plates. Do you do that? I do that. I take the bite they leave behind. I have no idea why, I am not even hungry. It's a vicious habit I promise to break.

I promise to play more with the kids. Less Netflix, more make believe.

I promise to read more books (50 in fact!)  And by read them, I mean actually FINISH them. I have had a terrible problem with starting books and getting bored. I need to stick with them! Just because the main character's love interest's name bugs the crap out of me - Hugh, George, Randy. UGH. I will not give up. I want to read something of everything - fiction, nonfiction, historical fiction, memoirs, thrillers. You name it, I'll read it. 

So more reading, blogging and less food. I can do that right?

Other things I promise:
Stay more organized with work and home life schedules
Bite my tongue when I feel like I am about to yell at my kids or husband.
Don't repeat gossip
Stay on top of laundry
To not be ashamed at my love of Snapchating pictures of my cats. They're adorable. Can't stop, won't stop
Never get my hair dyed for free. (still recovering from the Ombre-assacre)
Get more manicures
Drink more water
Call my grandma (back) more (love you Gma)
More time playing Legos and less time picking them up
More time playing restaurant with fake food
More painted rainbows and glittery crafts.

What promises are you making for 2015?