Dear Lucy: A Naptime Note

Today, my sister is taking over TWSR to share a note she wrote to her toddler, Lucy Wynn. I couldn't wait to share this sweet, loving letter because it touches on so many emotions us moms face every day. It's a beautiful thing when we try to do the impossible by writing our feelings down and try to find words that describe how we feel about our children. 

Here's my sister: 

Dear Lucy,

Right now you are sound asleep in my bed and I should be working. I found myself starring at you thinking a million thoughts and I thought I would just type them out so you can read them someday.

I knew I would love you instantly, but I never knew how powerful that love would be. When you were a newborn I used to wake up and look at you and think ‘I can’t believe I have this life with her. You will always be that piece of my soul that was missing when I was out searching.

I want you to know what love is. I try every single day to show it to you. Not just my love, but other’s as well. There is love everywhere! You just have to search for it! It’s in places that you wouldn’t think it would be either! Soup kitchens, hospitals, homeless shelters…it’s really everywhere. If there is something I’ve learned in this life it is that you don’t need a lot to make you happy. You just need love.

I hope you have the first love. The love that consumes your every emotion and makes you think you have it all figured out.

I hope you have the bad love. The love that you fall into and regret but the love that takes you to new places.
I hope you have the unconditional love. The love I have for your Dad. The earth moving, passionate, amazing and best friend love that you can only feel and not explain.
I hope you have our love. I hope God gives your babies to love like I’ve loved you. I hope you can look at your baby the way I look at you.

I want you know that your family will never leave you. You have grandparents that shine when you are around. You bring out the joy in so many people. We are a team in raising you and we will do our best to keep you safe.

I want you to know that bad days SUCK. It’s that simple. You will have them. You will feel defeated and like the whole world is against you. When that happens come to me. This morning was a tough so we are having lunch with your Grammy. Sometimes you just need your mama and I’m so lucky to be yours.

Your feet are starting to twitch which means you are about to wake up, so I should wrap this rambling up. (I hope you wake up in a better mood by the way) I love you duckling. This life with you…It’s TRULY something I can’t put into words. You have changed my heart and centered my mind. I’ve never loved another human the way I love you…I’m not sure I ever will. When your world goes crazy and you question everything, please know that you’re Dad and I right here with open arms. Thank you Lucy for changing me and giving me this life. You are everything.


A quick note: 

My sister didn't ask me to do this but I had to share another thing about her (besides her ability to be an amazing mama and the best sister a gal could ask for). She's also partner to an amazing organization called Go Shout Love. Jessica and another mama get amazing Esty shops together for online auctions and make custom t-shirts in order to donate money to families with little ones facing critical health issues. It has been my pleasure to watch Go Shout Love grow into the impactul organization that it is today. To learn more and follow along on their journey in changing lives and touching hearts, find them here: