What You Should Know by the Time You're 29

Today is my birthday...so in honor of my last year in my 20s, I bring you: 

How to style dirty hair

How to make a mean pot of chicken noodle soup 

How to handle passive aggressiveness in others (just smile and nod)

How to start a hobby and actually keep it. 

Appreciate sushi (whether you like raw fish or not). 

To never ever assume a woman is pregnant and congratulate her on her baby. 

That some people just aren't going to like you and long as you're genuine, there's nothing you can do about it, and that's okay. 

Your mother was probably right about a lot of things.

Your mother was wrong about a couple of things.

The correct use of your and you're. If you're doing it wrong, your grammar sucks. 

Binge watching Netflix and not changing out of sweatpants over the weekend is completely acceptable. 

Thank you cards are important. 

And so is returning your library books. 

Pay your parking tickets. They keep track of that shit. 

Your smile says a thousand words. Use it even when you think no one is looking at you. 

Remember birthdays. 

When there's a $2.00 movie, you go. Even if it's on a school night. 

Let your kids make your birthday cakes. Even if they are all frosting and sprinkles, the smiles on their faces are totally worth it.

Hot tea is the cure for many, many things. 

Sometimes, all you need is a red cart, a Starbucks and a $1 bin to make everything feel okay for just a little bit. 

Things to splurge on: toilet paper, candles, tennis shoes, hardcover books and really good pens. 

Mentally walk a mile in everyone's shoes. Empathy goes a long way. 

Never fry bacon in the nude. 

In fact, never fry bacon. Bake it on aluminum foil in the oven, broil to crisp it. It works like a charm. 

Know when to apologize and learn to do it well.

When you get a second chance, you take it. 

How be to gracious.

How having patience always pays off. 

The housework can wait. 

And that's all I can think...for now.