What's Up In Our Neck O' the Woods

Things that have been going on lately? Pure craziness. Last Wednesday, after rewarding myself with a winey Wednesday glass of cheap moscato, I couldn't believe the week was already half over and now it's NEXT Wednesday and where in the heck is time going? 

The Kids
This week R2 started "gyn-nastics" and tonight made it about 3 feet up the rope before realizing everyone was watching her. As she gets older, I keep noticing how much she is like me. She suffers from a lot of the self consciousness that I did as a kid, and STILL do, unfortunately. I make an effort to build her self-esteem because I know how that feels and I want her to be confident and not feel like she has to hold back. Climb that rope, little girl! 

She's also READING sight words, which is music to my ears. 

This weekend there were a couple hours where the sun was shining so we hustled outside and went for a hike. Weirdly enough, we ended up finding tons of tiny sea shells in the dirt on the hill behind our house. Legends of mermaids and ocean monsters from many years ago ensued. Their imaginations make me so happy. It was the perfect of days. 

The Oscars 
I have loved reading everyone's reactions about the Oscars. I know this is old hat by now but I am still thinking about Lady Gaga and and man I hope I age like Julie Andrews. Jared Letto looks like Jesus, I want to be best friends with Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston is perfection and Rhiannah is WAY too saucy to be wearing such a cupcake dress. 

The Podcasts
Podcasts I've been listening to and you should too: This American Life, Death, Sex & Money and Criminal

The Books
I'm reading Funny Girl by Nick Hornby still and I've been a little bored. Next is The Scarlet Sisters. CJ is reading Crash and Burn by Lisa Gardner and says it's a must read for the psychological thriller lovers out there.

In other news, I wanted to share a little project I decided to take on. I created a That's What She Read Pinterest board for all things books. Follow along for book recommendations, gift ideas for bookworms, literary quotes and everything else I can find! 

This week I came across a couple of things in life that really stopped me in my tracks. Do you ever get a little crazy mad over something and then a day later feel so incredibly silly for getting so upset? Yeah, I was there. Life is so funny because one minute you're on the crazy train and the next, you calmly step off the platform and get back into the flow of things, with your wits about you again as if nothing was amiss. Nothing a little Sleepytime Tea can't fix...

And then your blog friends/soulmates send you this and magically everything is okay again:

And yes, that's a macaroni and cheese ring with a spoon in it. Life is good, yo. 

We also have TiVo in this house. I know it's old news for most people but knowing I will never again miss an episode of Jimmy Fallon, Catfish and Investigation Discovery makes this introvert the happiest of happiest.