Current Netflix Obsessions

The things  I learned from binge watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix are priceless. And yes, I watched it all day long, from my couch. Don't look at me like that, I was sick. 

I fell in love because I knew I could watch it non stop and most of all, because it's Tina Fey's creation and you just won't be disappointed with her involved. 

It's just a funny show about a girl who was held captive in a underground bunker by a religious freak. But now she's out and naturally,she's Mary Tyler Moore-ing around Manhattan and it's pure magic. 

Because Kimmy has literally been in a hole the past 15 years, watching her discover the ridiculousness of our culture is quite comical and a little embarrassing.

And just when I was falling in love because of the Babysitter's Club references and Jane Krakowski, this beautiful man made his cameo

Ain't no way better to recuperate from sickness than watching that fine Jon Hamm. 

I've also been binging on crime documentaries, including Cropsey, Dear Zachery, The Killer Speaks and Frontline. So naturally you can understand why watching Unbeatable Kimmy Schmidt was quite the change. I no longer feel like someone is about to bust out of the woods and stab me 67 times with a kitchen knife, which is one of the many side effects of binge watching murder stories. It's only healthy to mix it up once in a while. 

Now, today I feel much better but that's not going to stop me from more binge watching. Next up, Parenthood.  But don't worry, I plan to be much more productive this time. I'm going to mix it up by also doing laundry and reading magazines.