Nothing to Snarl About

Recently, someone told me to "wipe the snarl from my face."

At first, I thought they must be talking to someone else, surely. (And yes, I realized the use of "they" is wrong in this situation, but to keep real life anonymity, we will just call this person "they" instead of a he or she).

Surely, they meant someone else, for if they really knew me, which they don't, they would be well aware that I have noting to "snarl" about.

But if this person caught me in a moment of annoyance, there is a good chance that my smile lapsed momentarily, which it tends to do when I am in the presence of something unpleasant.

If this person really knew me, they'd be aware of all the things in my life that make having a reason to snarl incredibly impossible.

Let's make a list shall we?

First, there's theses kids:

Not to mention CJ's 3 too. Together, our crew of 7 bring us the kind of joy and laughter they make cheesy commercials out of. One weekend at our house with all of us here is like a constant stream of giggles and dance parties. Of course you have the typical little kid scuffles but all in all, everyone just has so much fun together. The kids are at that age where everything excites them and they want to learn about anything and everything. It means CJ and I have to look up weird words or ask Siri random questions (what's the world record for the biggest booger?) and it means that we couldn't imagine anything more fun than having these crazy, creative, loving kids to call our family.  

Also, I have a best friend who pretty much knows me more than I know myself. Like sneaking in Thin Mints and hiding them so only the two of us know where they are. Leaving love notes all over the house, vacuuming on his day off, finding free tickets to the circus so we can all go together and knowing the perfect time to take a ride and get a fountain pop. It's the little things that make me a snarl-free gal. 

My job pretty much guarantees that I have a smile on my face constantly. Now granted, sometimes that smile is a little stressed, but still, it's there. I get to travel around my community, meeting people, helping businesses grow, all while being creatively challenged every day. I meet new people, I teach others about what I do, and I get to watch people achieve their dreams. Oh, and I also get to do some of that from the comfort of my own home, on my own schedule, too. Pinch me, I'm dreaming.

Other reasons I don't actually have a snarl:

Sunday morning breakfasts.
Nieces and nephews
Shopping for spring decorations
New shoes
Healthy kids

Notes from my kiddos
Spring weather
Summer family vacations to look forward to

See? There's no snarl on this face. And if there was, it was brief and the next second, I was smiling again, basking in all that I have in my life to be happy about. Now it's time to get back to cuddling on the couch, reading a good book, laughing with my best friend and making my kiddos giggle. 

And lastly, I'm not snarling because I always remember this quote: 

So always remember even if something (or someone) does make you snarl, you have many, many more important things to make you smile.