Times When Parenthood Was My Favorite Thing in the World

I have been an emotional mess these past couple of weeks and it's all Parenthood's fault. I cry all the time, I stare off into space and mentally play a slow song in my head and I eat way more Twizzlers than usual. I haven't seen the final season yet SO DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS. (Although I have found some episodes on Youtube but I don't know how long that will last so I don't want to jinx anything). Anyhooters, here are my favorite moments of the most amazing show: 

When Julia stays at the school for Victor, all day. Sits in the parking lot while he is inside at school all day, just so he can see her while he plays at recess. Just so he can be comforted.

When Haddie gives Max the weighted blanket before she leaves for college and he looks so peaceful.

When the Braverman Four get together for a sleepover.

When Christina didn't say a word when Haddie's heart was broken, and that was enough.

When Max gets the vending machines back. 

Adam's face when Max announced he was running for class president.

Jabar's fist pumps in the rain when his parents tell him they're getting married.

When Amber finds a rat in her apartment and her mom comes in the middle of the night to rescue her.

When Christina tells off the bully who is mean to Max at school and Adam floors it in the get-a-way car.

When Amber is sad and Sarah curls up on the hide-a-bed with her to make her feel better.

When Jabar teaches Crosby how to pray.

When Christina and Adam tell Haddie everything is fine after surgery and send her back to Cornell.

When Christina and Max slow dance. 

Oh, and Joel. That's really all this post was about. 

And yes, yes, yes, I know that there is so much more to this show but these are the parts where I had to push pause because of the tears or the laughs. I didn't even get to some of the other major parts, but I have stuff I have to get done. Like watch more Parenthood on Youtube.