What Do Moms Do: A Post Inspired by a Wonderful Book

What Do Moms Do?

It's a question that will never be fully answered. Mostly, because us moms never actually stop doing. The minute one stage or task or tear is done, we are on to the next. We are a treadmill, an infinity sign, a constant stream of mothering. Of tssking. Of "what were you thinking?" of "please, just one more hug." 

We are a never ending cycle of trying to capture a moment on cameras one minute to not wanting to miss a minute in real time.

So what do moms do?

What do moms do when they are sad? They cry, they call their own mothers. They watch commercials that make them cry, like this one: 

What do moms do when they are happy? They marvel at the wonders they created. They take time to appreciate each freckle, eye crinkle and loose tooth. And they brag. 

Oh, how we love to brag. We earned those bragging rights. 

What do moms do they are frustrated? They yell. They eye roll. They consider writing a scathing review on Mr. Clean's Facebook page because the Magic Eraser failed to do its job. (That may be just me...) They let their kids quit soccer mid season. They throw around grandiose phrases like "I've never been this mad before" and "I'm leaving to go get a pop and never coming back!" (maybe that's just me again?) 

What do moms do when they forget things? They call their best friends and fellow moms. A village, it takes. Whether it's calling on them to go into my house and deliver the forgotten Valentine's box to the preschool or bringing extra snacks to soccer games, I don't know what I'd do without my little gang of fellow mother hens.

What do moms do when they are proud? They beam. They cry those kids of happy tears that come out of nowhere and just don't stop. They watch videos on their phones over and over again. They tell the same stories to as many people who will listen. They make art displays out of stick figure drawings that takes up the whole living room wall. 

I'm not the first mom to ask the question regarding what it is we actual do...we've all been answering that question since the beginning of time...but one amazing mother and daughter duo took it a step further and wrote a children's book about it... 

Amy Houts & Emily Bush wrote this sweet book and my kids and I love it. 

My favorite part was seeing myself in the pages. I was proud of myself because LOOK, I've done that for my kids, too! I've let them stay up past bedtime and I've scared away the scary things.  I'm apart of the biggest team: the mom team. The stay up passed your bedtime time, the tough love team, the that's-not-how-you-load-the-dishwasher team. 

Do the mothers on your team a huge favor and give What Do Moms Do as a Mother's Day gift this year. Passing on the love is just what moms do. 

You can buy What Do Moms Do Here on Amazon or from the author's website.

What are some of the mom things you do for your little ones that you hope they'll remember?