I'm a Bookworm Stereotype

I feel like bookworms have a stereotype. Have you ever noticed this? 

Like, we're sitting over here with our cable knit sweaters with our nerdy glasses and a bunch of cats. 

And you know what? 

It's totally true. I literally wrote that description before realizing this scene was happening right in front me:

I creeped myself out over that one. 

But honestly, I've never been more proud of any other hobby I've ever had.  

I'm such a stereotype in fact that apparently, I pop into peoples' minds when they see something book related because a lot of them will tag me in photos on Facebook that say "This is made me think of you, Jen!" and my heart will burst with a little happy flutter. I LOVE that people see something bookish and it reminds me of them. All the warm and fuzzies. 

So here are some of those posts that people have shared with me that I know all the other stereotypical bookworms out there will also love: 


My birthday is February 13, in case any of you want to make this for my 30th 29th birthday next year. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  

I've never met a rap pun I didn't love. 

Can someone build this for me? But seriously, please, somebody make this.


It's about time I have this in my house. 

In our new house, we have a shelf that runs all the way around the top of the great room and I am stuffing it to the gills with books. I can't stand how fun it is to have a space to stack them wherever I please. 

Now I have to start collecting more books so I can make this little beaut in time for Christmas: