Our Halloween Weekend

I just love a good holiday weekend. The buzz of what's to come, the anticipation of all the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and the Sixlets. I just love Halloween. This year was perfect. The weather was chilly enough to wear a jacket but not too cold to have to go home early. There were so many happy kids running around town...

This year was a bit different because instead of trick or treating, R1 chose deer hunting with his dad. That's a true sign that's he's growing up. Way too fast, if you ask me, but I know he had a blast. And his little sister didn't mind asking everyone for "Extra candy for my brother" (candy which I doubt he will ever actually get to eat). She's a smart girl, that one. 

R2 hit her costume out of the park this year. She may have had a little help from her dear old mama but we sure had fun with it. Earlier this year, we had a debacle with a cat and ended up having 6 kittens running around our house, prompting the kids to give me the loving nickname "Crazy Cat Lady" which inspired her getup this year. We took her bath robe, covered it in cats, put her hair up in curlers, gave her a cane and some old lady glasses and voila- a cuter-than-you-know-what Crazy Cat Lady. And of course she asked me to be one of her cats and how could I say no? 

Our town has a really fun Halloween parade and costume contest and when they called her name for 1st Place in her age group, I thought her smile was going to bust off of her face. It was the best feeling ever to watch her beam with pride. Her prize was a giant snow globe with haunted house and bats the flew around it. She carried it around all night and showed everyone. It was the best. We were able to trick or treat, sit on our porch and hand out candy to other trick or treaters and then go out for some more candy. It was perfect. We ended the night in front of the fireplace reading spooky stories in our pjs. Perfection. 

R2 and I also stopped by R1's school's Halloween party to help with some of the games. He made one scary Zombie Football Player. 

We spent the rest of the weekend excitedly watching the Royals, eating candy, playing with left over Halloween make up, and a little bit of reading, naturally. 

It was finally cool enough outside to test the fireplace out for the first time and I can't say I minded one bit. Cozy with a capital "I'm not moving from this couch."
Up next, I'm heading to Kansas City for Go Blog Social's event, Shout Love for Bo with my sister's organization, Go Shout Love. I'm super excited to meet some amazing bloggers and help my sister spread the news about her amazing mission. 

Going to KC also means a sleepover with my mom and sister. And sushi. And wine. Excited much? You betcha.