Turk the Carvey- Happy Thanksgiving!

Obviously, it's November so that means we have to talk about Thanksgiving. My dream has always been to host holiday get togethers for my family so as soon as we moved into our new house in August, I said I was going to host Thanksgiving dinner, no matter how many people could come. Usually, my family is spread all over and really, everyone does their own thing or visits their other side of the family, in-laws, etc. So I thought, MAYBE, I'd have 10 people over, tops.

Well, apparently everyone decided that this was the year we were all going to come together because they're all coming to my house. My mom, step dad, step brother, my sister and her family, grandmas, great grandmas, my aunt and her family, plus cousins from out of town. I'm getting giddy with excitement just thinking about it. I have literally ALWAYS wanted this exact thing to happen.

My recommendations for the menu if you have Grand Central Station coming to your house on Thanksgiving: The Must Haves: Pioneer Woman's Pecan Pie and Cranberry Sauce.  Plus a ham with pine apples and cherries, just like my mom used to make, green bean casserole and three kinds of corn. And grandma's  stuffing. And a couple mysterious jello molds.

And also, I have found that cooking a turkey is kind of like having a baby. Everyone has their own opinion on how you should birth it. In a roaster. In a bag. Fry it, baste it. Butter it to kingdom come.  I did the only thing I could think of, that you can't actually do if you are pregnant. I put the husband in charge. It's his only real responsibility that day. Other than make sure I don't drink too much wine before I bake the pies.

My other recommendations: I am glad I took the time to make sure the house stayed picked up and decorated before the holidays actually got here because in the craziness, those are the 2 things I would surely let fall by the wayside (like it does every other day of the week).

All my Pinterest projects are done, the floor has been treated and the windows are cleaned. So there should be no stress. I keep wanting to post about how CJ and I made these shelves together and I promise I will eventually. It was such a fun project and they were really easy. I knew the look I wanted for the shelves in the kitchen but I couldn't find them anywhere so, custom job, it was!  And the chalkboard word search art was a labor of love. I hand wrote all of the letters thanks to a very tedious grid CJ made with Scotch tape and then, of course, R1 rubbed all the chalk off and I had to redo the entire thing. Like I said, labor of love. The things I do because of Pinterest. Recommendation for these projects: Patience and determination.

Oh wait, I did find the perfect recipe to recommend for your turkey:

Turk the carvey! Happy Thanksgiving!