And yes, in case you were wondering, it was impossible to choose, but alas, here I am trying to nail down some of the top nine moments and snapshots of 2015. That's one fantastic problem to have! 

In no particular order - but the first one really takes the cake: 

1) Our Trip to Colorado. It was what dreams were made of... except that one of the kids had to poop on a mountain, someone got stuck in the seat belt during the drive and that flat tire in the middle-of-nowhere, Nebraska. But those are just the little details. As a whole, taking our kids on vacation this summer was definitely the highlight of the year. Hiking up to Dream and Emerald Lakes in Estes Park, CO was a memory I will never forget. More importantly, I hope our kids always remember it too. 

2) We also managed a great family snap shot while at a wedding in Colorado, which with 7 of us is always a task. 

3) Hubs and I getting a little vacation to ourselves at Lake of the Ozarks- the perfect place to end the summer. 

4) Home.

5) Not just this snapshot, but every moment spent laughing with my two best friends was a highlight of the year for me. They've grown up so much in 2015. Their personalities shine, their strong suits are flourishing and we are really getting the groove of this thing called life together. 

6) The day that Reese made. Her 5th birthday was a creation all her own, and she took us on quite the adventure. First, she took us to a movie, then Panda Express and to the mall to get her ears pierced, and then, only to prove she truly is my daughter, we perused the isles of Target with Starbucks in hand. We ended the day at "the giant ice cream village" and it was the most perfect of days. 

7) In October, I wore glittering, gold Badgley Mischka and helped one of my dearest friends say "I Do" and it was pure magic. Crazy, unpredictable, loud and fun- just like it always is with my gals. 

8) One of my favorite things- couch sitting and goofing off with the Rs. We did this a lot through out the year, Reese telling her funny knock knock jokes and Ryder Googling random facts to impress us. If you ever want to know why the chicken crossed the road or how many satellites are currently sending X number of beams down to earth, my kids probably have the answers. 

9) This was a great day- Halloween. Reese wanted to be a crazy cat lady, which was amazing all on its own because I myself am an aspiring crazy cat lady, plus it was the cutest costume, EVER. The best part of the whole day is when she asked me to be her "Favorite cat" and at first I thought, "no way, I am not cool enough to pull off dressing up with my kids, I will look like a dork." But then I looked at my crazy cat lady, with her big blue eyes and I couldn't say no. Some liquid eyeliner, a few whiskers and a cat headband later and away we went. She even took home first prize at the costume contest. Epic.  

There aren't enough posts or photo collages that could do this year any justice so I will just say that my cup, my heart, my home, my everything, where it runs, is running over the expectations I have and what I think I deserve. It's so much, so much love and smiles I can't even explain it. Even the worst of days start again with a fresh slate again the next morning and that's what  I keep remembering- that's what helps keep me grateful.