Making Memories

Lately I've been just falling in love with my kids. 

I mean, like more than normally. We all love our kids but I just tell you what, I am half of some pretty amazing humans. 

Even when R2 has a rough day (which is a lot because she's 5 and an emotional basket case, just like her mama) she shakes her shoulders and says "whelp, I didn't get a prize outta da treasure box but there's always tomorrow!" 

She's the perfect reminder that every day is a new chance. She's also a pretty good reminder that my lack of patience needs some major work but hey, every day I'm atryin' 

R2 has been on a roll lately. He's funny, he's interesting, he's so so so smart. He has his own Youtube channel for goodness sakes. He likes to watch people do tricks on Mine Craft and then try them out himself on the Xbox and I'm always just amazed at how quick he picks these things up. He's also a smart alec: 

I'm pretty sure that's not exactly what the teacher was looking for but it cracked me up. 

Do you ever have mom moments that make you wistful? Now that my kids are older, they are starting to experience things that I can still remember discovering myself. Last week, R2 had an umbrella outside and she decided she wanted to see if she could float to the ground just like in the cartoons. 

I stopped and watched, instinctively, I began to yell out to stop but then I had a memory of me doing the exact same thing. I was in my bedroom and I climbed onto the top of my toy chest shelf and, umbrella in head, jumped to the ground. I distinctly remember thinking that Mary Poppins must have made it all up. Why could she float around with her umbrella but I couldn't? It was a little surreal to watch my own daughter, a little version of myself, discover the same. 

She climbed onto a low hanging branch, held out her umbrella and jumped, eyes squeezed shut and I held my breath as she landed on the ground. 

"Welp, that didn't work quite right" she said. And quickly threw the umbrella on the ground and got on her bike and drove away. I want to watch her make those discoveries over and over and over again. 

This fall has been my favorite. Now that we are finally settled in a home, we have a beautiful yard. We ride bikes, we play in the leaves...sometimes R2 grabs my hand and just asks me to go sit on the porch with her. It's my favorite everything. 

Life is happening so quickly. Weeks zoom's bedtime before I know it and I hardly have time to blog, read or even think about doing house work..but right now, I just like it that way. I would rather be outside, crunching leaves under my boots and dodging a couple cute kids on their bikes. 

If you need us, we'll be making mug cakes, hanging out in our pjs, finding pumpkin patches with our cousin and having dance parties in the basement. Just the way I like it.