The Year of the House

The most exciting thing I am looking forward to in the New Year is our home.

When we bought this house last August, I was just so over the moon about living in my grandparents' home that I didn't care what it looked like. It could have had purple velvet wall paper and shag carpet and I wouldn't have cared one bit. We really didn't changed much because the house was amazing to begin with.

This was taken the day we moved in. We've since painted the walls gray, which I love in a room that has such great natural sunlight. 

Hard wood floors, stone fireplace, finished basement...there isn't much to mess with. However, I have been dreaming of a couple of things for this house... 

Here's what we are looking forward to for updates in 2016. 


I was so caught up in the kids' rooms that I kind of forgot about ours. Currently, we have white walls and no curtains...but this year that will definitely change. I want a dark paint on the walls, possibly a navy or gray... with some bold prints on the curtains and pillows. Call me crazy but a white faux fur rug and matching night stands too, with a bench at the foot of the bed, like in the pin above. A gal can dream, can't she? At least I grew out of the pink canopy stage that lasted embarrassingly into my late teens.


The family room has a great start but it needs a little love and attention. We need to find a way to mount the TV on the wall while also hiding all of the cords because OCD. I also want to do a bolder color theme downstairs because of all neutral colors upstairs. 

My other goal for downstairs: A sliding barn door. Thanks to an amazing addition off of the back of the house, we have a rustic "play room" that I envision someday will be maybe a bar area for the adults or a game/room for the kids and I'd like to find a stylish way to section that area off from the main family room. Here's what I am hoping for:


 This is CJ's favorite area of expertise so I will let him take the reigns on this project. We have a lot of potential in the front and back yards. I can't wait to see what he comes up with. 

Guest Bathroom

Even though part of me wants to keep the bathroom exactly the way it is because it takes me back in a time warp, it's time for an upgrade. Except for a new shower, the bathroom looks the same as it did when my grandparents lived here and I have a lot of memories of snooping through my step-grandma's Mary Kay makeup as a teen. But I'd like to see a new vanity, lights and paint in here. I LOVE the idea of white subway tile. There are also some tutorials on Pinterest on how to stain existing wood vanities darker so that would be interesting to try out. 

So that's the start at least. I think I might give CJ a heart attack if I add anything else to the list.  I'm excited to decorate the walls and just ordered our family pictures for the dining room. I also ordered a collection of snapshots from all of our travels over the past 2 1/2 years for the hallway that I am really excited about. We have a skyline of Brooklyn and the beaches at Jersey Shore and Ft. Lauderdale, plus mountains in Colorado and historical buildings from Philadelphia. I think they will look so great!

Here's to our first year in our dream home!