30 Random Acts of Kindness for my 30th Birthday

I turned 30 this month. Despite some of the panic attacks about whether or not I was going to wake up with FOMO of my twenties, I am doing just fine. Honestly, I feel like I am apart of an exclusive club. As if we thirty year olds all wear "We Survived Our Stupidities" and we walk around with a little bit more authority, like "I've been around this block a couple times, get out of my way."
Turning 30 was also a heck of a lot easier than I thought thanks to an amazing surprise birthday party my husband and sister arranged. I had all of my favorite people in one room and it was amazing. And of course, Clueless quotes and people dressed as famous 90s couples was just the icing on the cake. 

For my birthday, I knew I wanted to do something special with my kids so I asked them what they would do if they got to randomly do acts of kindness around town. They actually got really excited about the idea and before I knew it, we had a list of 30 fun little ways to celebrate my 30th birthday. 

I loved the idea because it was an opportunity to teach my kids how much fun it is to give happiness to others. I made some tags and and on the morning of my birthday, off we went! 

They had some great ideas: 

We also drove to the city's dog pound to give any strays some treats but there were no puppies there, which R1 pointed out was a good thing! 

The kids loved seeing the smiles on peoples' faces when we delivered balloons to the nursing home and bags of popped popcorn to the the tellers at the local bank. The kids' favorite was paying for the person behind us in the drive thru at McDonald's. They loved being able to watch out the back of the window to see the lady smile when the McDonald's worker handed her the pink card. They waved at each other like crazy. She even leaned out her window to yelled "Happy Birthday!"

My favorite was probably people's reactions when we handed out scratch tickets to random people. Most were people we didn't know and their faces would go from a look of pure confusion to joy in a matter of seconds. It was crazy how someone who was pumping gas would be standing there looking just a tad bit grumpy and then 10 seconds later, as we drove off, I would look back and see them with a huge smile on their face. It made my heart so so happy. 

The random acts of kindness put everyone in a good mood and I loved the conversations that we had afterwards. What would that guy at the gas station do if he won $5,000 on his scratch ticket? Do you think the stamps we left at the post office will eventually make their way across the United States? If our neighbors don't see their chocolate bar on their front door step by tomorrow, can we go back and get it? Just thinking about all the questions the kids had makes me smile. 

The next day, R2 decided she wanted to keep the random acts going and made a sweet card for her friend and taped some of her Valentine candy to the card and asked me to drive her over to her friend's house to drop it off. The fact that she wanted to keep doing nice things for others made this whole crazy idea completely and utterly worth it. I hope they remember the excitement of making others smile forever. 

I spent my birthday helping my kids learn the importance of kindness and giving and then celebrating with them and all of my friends and family. It was perfection and a day that I will truly never forget.

Here's to what R2 called my "dirty thirties." I know they're going to be great!