Our Weekend

First, our weekend was a whirlwind of great family time at home and with friends. I got to tag along as one of my best friends said "yes to her dress" and picked out her dream dress and beautiful bridesmaids dresses for her wedding in August. Talk about the perfect girls' day out. Wedding dresses, shopping and margaritas. Yes, please!

I stopped by one of my all time favorite stores in Kansas City, Nell Hill's. The Spring decor in this place was unbelievable. I just walked around in awe. They also always have books worked into their decor, which of course, I am crazy about. Mainly because of how beautiful it was but also because I was shopping. Alone. I took home some really cute jars for above my kitchen cabinets and an awesome lantern.

The kids talked me into having a "baking day" and boy was that a huge mess. The kids loved it so who am I to complain? I'll just be sweeping up sprinkles for the next decade...

We made sugar cookie balls and yogurt bites. The sugar cookie balls got a big thumbs down (only got one yay vote because they were covered in sprinkles). I used whole wheat flour and it just made them taste BLAH. I think maybe they wouldn't have been so bad if I used regular white flour.

The yogurt bites  got a huge thumbs up (I'm pretty sure that was mainly because they were covered in whip cream) and they were a healthy, fun snack that I can keep in the freezer. All it takes is fat free vanilla Greek yogurt and sugar free orange Jell-O mix. 

We spent a ton of time outside thanks to the beautiful weather and I'd say by the state in which I found these 4 on Saturday night, that it was a pretty great weekend... 

One very exciting thing that that I did this weekend was crossing off something off my bucket list. Kind of. I dream daily of opening a book store, You've Got Mail style. But alas, that's just not going to happen at this stage in life but here's what I did for now:

My friend owns a flower shop/home decor store downtown and she recently started serving coffees and lattes as well and has a really cute little nook where people can sit in comfy chairs and chat after they are done shopping. I was in there with some friends and we started talking about books and then this little idea to make a Mini Free Library was born. I started collecting more books and took some from my own shelves at home and stuffed them each with library cards. Hopefully, people will stop by and take a book and bring in their own books to share as well. I am just happy to pass along my love of reading to others and I hope they help fill it up! 

Here's hoping you had a wonderful weekend as well. Stop by tomorrow for a recap on the books I read in February for Steph and Jana's link up!