What's New

I found a fun link up/writing prompt thanks to lovely bloggers  See You in a Porridge  & GretchRuns so it's time to play a little catch up on what's new around here. 

What's New With You

What's new with the house... nothing too exciting accept that Spring is getting close and CJ and I have visually mapped out what our landscaping goals are going to be for the yard. I can't wait. I LOVE that he loves to landscape...that means I get to come up with all the ideas and he does all the hard work. JK but I promise to help, a little. I've also come one step closer to painting. We have the colors for the kitchen picked out, we just have to decide on the back splash for the kitchen. We are headed to the Kansas City Home Show in a couple of weeks so I hope to get a few ideas there. 

What's new with my mantle...white. And I am in love. For February, I have lots of red and pink books and it was really sweet but I thought whites and little sprigs of green would make it feel like Spring was just around the corner. And I think it worked! 

What's new with the kids... These past couple of months have flown by. R1 has been busy with wrestling, which means he's at practice 3 nights a week, and 1 of those nights, I am hustling with R2 to gymnastics so we haven't had time to really chill like we usually do during the week. As long as I manage to have at least 2 sit down family dinners with them a week, I feel like we have accomplished something. Otherwise, we have to eat it shifts but I still try to sit down while they are eating to catch up on their day with them and give them my undivided attention for a little bit. 

And once in a while we even sit still long enough for a selfie...sort of. 

What's new with reading...I have been on a pretty good streak. I listened to Beasts and Children on Audible. It was a great easy listen, mostly because there are several stories within the book and the author has a great, no-nonsense story telling manner that keeps you interested but is also descriptive and in depth. It was hard to listen to because it's basically all about children who are either left behind or not taken care of by the people who are supposed to love them above all else. As a kid who grew up with a terrible step parent, I have a lot of memories that are hard to deal with... and this book definitely brought back some of those feelings so there were parts that were hard to read. It's tough to see the world through eyes of children who think or assume that their parents' love for them in unending or unconditional and what a harsh reality it is when they are finally old enough to understand that it's not. 

I just finished reading The Longest Night, which was really good. It started off just a tad slow but by the end, I was really into it. It's about Paul and Nat Collier. He's stationed at a nuclear reactor site in the middle of nowhere and she's a young wife trying to navigate army life as a mother . It's loosely based on America's first nuclear accident in Idaho in 1960. It was a very tense story, as the characters hid secrets from from another, about their jobs, their feelings and the lives they lead when no one is around.

What's new with binge watching...CJ and I just watched the first episode of Rectify. So far the first one was interesting and I've heard good things about it so I think we will watch a couple more and see if it picks up a little. A while ago we started Longmire but I got bored. The kids are obsessed with Fuller House and I'm not complaining about that either. It's not great television by any means but I have to say, I love seeing those blue and white checked curtains again! GIRLS is back on HBO and the only thing wrong with it is that it's only a half an hour long. I need more Marnie in my life, every day. 

What's new with other stuff... My girlfriends and I saw How to be Single a couple weeks ago and I LOVED it. If you get the chance, go see it. It's a rom com like we loved back in the days of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Love Actually. Just good, clean fun. Nothing raunchy or over the top. I laughed and cried (which is no surprise, I cry in dog food commercials and I don't even have a dog) but it's just a plain and simple good movie. 

The sweetest thing happened to me on Tuesday...I got to see what it felt like to be on the other end of Random Acts of Kindness! The person in front of me at Dunkin Donuts paid for my caramel macchiato. It made me love my #30for30 Random Acts we did for my birthday even more to know how good we made people feel. It was the best of feelings! 

What's new with you? Tell me what you've been decorating/reading/watching lately!