Let's Be Honest: There Are Crumbs All Over

I'm sitting here at the kitchen bar, texting with a dear friend, and we are checking in with each other. We both text the normal, "Hope things are good with you!" and "Things are great, hope they are going good for you too!" 

And then, being the loving, real, truth-telling friend she is, she texted back "Okay, we shouldn't sugar coat the shit. Honestly, the laundry is piled up, my kid has been crying since we walked in the door...The dinner mess needs cleaned up and the hubster is still at work..."

That's when we decided to be a little bit more real about how life really looks. Along time ago, I randomly saw a psychic. I totally don't believe in that stuff but it was for a bachelorette party and I just went with it. She took one look at me and said "Girl, you need to relax. Learn the bless the mess."

I need to get back to what Lady Clair Voyante said to me that day. Here's what really is going on: 

A couple of weeks ago I yelled at the dentist because he got inpatient with Reese during a cavity filling. I literally sweat thru the entire appointment.

I had an embarrassingly large amount of parking tickets this month. 

In a lot of photos I post on Instagram, there are clothes or shoes all over the floor just outside the frame. Go on, admit it, you do it too. And those photos of all 5 kids smiling at the camera? There are at least 15 more where they are not at all looking. 

Last weekend I tried my new tactic with a certain someone who proves to continually be a negative presence in our lives. I am trying to be happy and cheerful and smile instead of scowl behind my sunglasses. It totally didn't work, she still yelled at me and gave me a horrible look. But it felt good to still smile. Maybe someday it will wear off on her. But probably not, and that's okay. 

Today, both kids were in trouble. One for not getting up in the morning and the other for dirty looks over having to leave the playground. But I still told myself it was okay. They aren't supposed to like me all the time. Parenting is all about making the hard choices for the right reasons. They're mad at me for a little bit but the point is longer lasting than just a half an hour without the iPod or 15 minutes in their room.  

Right now Reese is licking the wrapper of a Popsicle. She had instant mac and cheese for dinner. And yes, I realize that looks nothing like the pins of kid friendly, healthy meals I have on my Pinterest board. So sue me. 

There are a lot of moments that make it to social media. Hell, I spend a lot of time getting the lighting on my Instagram pics just right. And there are a ton of things I think about posting on Facebook but then end up leaving off instead. But why? Why, really? Because no matter what I post, I know at least my grandma will like it, so there's always that. 

I post pictures of dates nights at amazing restaurants and selfies of CJ and I having a great night out but never of the ones where we are just laying on the couch watching endless hours of Forensic Files. But I love both those moments just the same. It would be silly to snap a picture of us holding hands but I never want to forget how wonderful it makes me feel when we do, even when we are just walking into the grocery store. Luckily, you don't need pictures to remember moments like that. Those are the ones that just stay with you. 

So that's my mission this week: Bless the mess and chill out on my expectations of myself; as a mother, as a wife, as a friend and everything else that is on my plate. And to be honest. I get frazzled, my floor needs swept, I say things out of anger and I hold grudges. But that's okay. Give yourself credit for all the wonderfuls that you do that make up for that other stuff