Things I Won't Give Up Just Because I'm 30

I have a's 17 years old and it's my favorite and I'm not even ashamed to admit that I need it to sleep. I cuddle with it on the couch and even love to take it on car rides. There, I laid that out there so everything else I list should not be that big of a deal... 

I feel like I have some street cred now. It's been a while since my Joe Dirt days from above but that doesn't mean I've given up the things that make me feel young at heart. 

For starters, like my first admission, there are many things of comfort that I still hold close to my heart. Like my morning Diet Dr. Pepper. Yes, I know the trendy and healthy things are shakes and juices and I'm old enough to know what's good for me but my a.m. caffeine is just what gets me going. And I'm okay with that. 

Calling my mom when I am sad/anxious/nervous. She's always just a phone call away and like I am sure I did when I was knee high and someone yelled at me on the playground, she is my go-to call when there's a bully. 

My sister is still my best friend. Maybe I should have branched out and made more friends in the big old world but I am just fine with sticking with the one who was my first. When we were little we played "friend" like most little girls play "house." We would say "Hey, do you want to play friend?" and then we would each go to our separate "houses" and then one of us would ask the other to come over and play, as friends do. And still to this day, we call each other on  the phone and start with "Hey friend" and that's not something I will ever give up, no matter how old and gray we get. 

My love for a good gab session. There is nothing I love more than sitting on my friend's front porch, trying to figure out the world's problems and coming up with more random crafts to tackle. Are there more important things that could be done? Probably. There's laundry, there's floors to be swept and maybe even meals to be prepped but dang it, she as a hammock and we have wine and we are going to sit and talk and laugh and all that other stuff can wait. 

A messy room. I know, I know, how silly but I am just going to put my foot down here and do something I couldn't tell my mom back in the day. I'm not going to clean my room right now! I like my pjs and comfy clothes by the bed so I know exactly where they are when I get off work so I can quickly change. I like my shoes where I can see them and I'd rather be playing with the kids then hanging up all the shirts I tried on that morning. And yes, if there is company coming over, I'll stuff all that in the closet and close the doors. Because I'm an adult and it's my house, that's why! And no, you don't want to see the closets, the door is jammed shut but I swear, it's nice and organized. 

Speaking of playing with the kids, I hope I never feel too old to lay on the floor and imagine with them. R1 is getting too old for Legos and make believe but we've adjusted. Now I am a master of MindCraft and Marvel Comics vs. Mortal Combat fighting on Xbox. But we're spending quality of time together and that's what is most important. R2 and I play with princess dolls and most recently, Shopkins. I set up the stores and the houses and she tells me what to say and we could play for hours.

 I let CJ's girls play with my hair and we make a shopping mall for our American Girl dolls. All the things that I loved myself at that age lights up their eyes too and I just love it so, so much. When you have magical little kids to make you feel so young at heart, you'll never get old. 

These things make me silly or seem like a kid but hell, I'm 30 now and I can do what I want. What do you do that still makes you feel young at heart?