Favorite Combos: Wine & Popcorn

There are many things that I like paired together. 

Like kids and naps, for example. 

Wine and a hammock... 

Speaking of wine...it goes with pretty much anything. 

Especially popcorn. The poppers over at Skinny Pop help with my obsession with eating popcorn and drinking wine while watching Orange is the New Black or Fixer or Upper, because they made popcorn that goes perfectly with my favorite red wine. But they didn't stop there. Just in case I wanted to mix it up a bit, they even gave me MORE awesome combos to try: 

My favorite? White Cheddar and a little Malbec. It's the perfect laid back Thursday evening pair. 

More of my favorites: 

Friends on Netflix 

Mondays with a day off work. 

Blogging while listening to James Bray on iTunes

Rain and a good book.

Well, a good book can be paired with anything for that matter. 

Cuddles on the couch

Kids and giggling 

My husband and a beer on the porch 

My husband and a home DIY project

My daughter and wildflowers 

What's your favorite combination?