What Keeps Me Up At Night

Yesterday there were horrible storms that blew through our area...I heard the wind gusts were upwards of 80-90 mph and there were hundreds of tree limbs and debris everywhere. The electricity went out at about 3:00 and so naturally I was wide awake. I am a self-proclaimed whiny baby when it comes to sleep. I have to have total darkness and my fan on high in order to easily fall asleep, not to mention really cool temps in my room to be comfortable. So naturally, with the hot July weather, I was sweaty and cranky during the storm and couldn't go back to sleep. I gave up even trying and read on the couch while listening to the pouring rain and thunder. 

It's times like that where anxiety and worry start hovering, it's like I've left a window I can't reach open just a crack, enough for worry to creep in and settle on my shoulders. Like dust. You don't notice it's falling until there's a thick layer of it weighing down heavy on the surface. 

I sometimes look at my life planner that is bursting at the the seams and I think, "Jeeze, this is over the top, I can't do this!" There are so many things going on that the fear of missing something and letting someone down makes me not even want to try. 

Do the glittery stickers and exclamation marks after each task event help? I really do think so; a little optimism never hurt. My planner is also gives me a great source for accomplishment because not only does it give me confidence that I won't forget something, it also helps that at the end do the day, I can cross things off and know that I achieved goals and tasks. I just have to keep reminding myself of that and give myself more credit. 

I use the monthly spread to write out quick schedules and then use the weekly pages to lay out more details and reminders. I recently got the stickers to help me celebrate exciting events to help myself remember that there are way more things to be celebrating that over rule the items on my to do list that can be stressful. 

Work, kids, co-parenting, schedules, birthdays, special events... they all take a certain amount of priority and I need to write these things down...I even write grocery lists in my planner.

Another thing that helps me with anxiety is sleep, which is the biggest conundrum. I need sleep so I don't get moody and fall into a anxiety induced slump but I can't sleep because I am too busy worrying about a hundred different random thoughts. 

I use lavender essential oil on my pillow and pressure points and use that quiet time to unwind with a good book. But the nights that my kids are staying with their dad, I really need extra help so that's when I turn to ZZZQuil. 

What are you things you do to help you keep anxiety at bay and sleep better?

I received ZzzQuil for testing purposes but all my opinions are my own.