How this Unorganized Mom Stays Organized

How do I plan to conquer this school year?

That's the million dollar question and if anyone has a viable answer, I'll pay them even more than a million Washingtons.

It seems like I start every new school year with gusto. I am organized. I am equipped with planners, folders, containers and a smile. But then by the end of the quarter, I've lost my momjo. We start missing papers and the book log is long lost. Now with two in school I am seriously vowing to do better. I am not saying I have unrealistic expectations, I am not a cookie cutter mom. Last school year, I had to have my friend break into my house, grab the homework on the table and take it in to school for my son. Because, life. And working out of town most of the week means I can't always drop everything and rescue my forgetful kid from another missed assignment. But that's what mom friends are for right? And seriously, mom friends are definitely going to be on my list of must haves for making this year go right.

Here's what I am going to need in order to survive the school year, one missed snack at a time:

The ultimate planner: I have been a strong and steady Erin Condren Life Planner user for 5 years now and I love them. But I've only ever just used the month spread. This year, I am going to expand and start actually using the weekly days so that I can really break down what's going on. And now that other brands have caught on to the planner craze, Hob Lob and Michaels have all these great little stickers, clips and inserts that I think are so handy and cute. I am going to start putting in reminders for library days and give myself a heads up for "Work Out Wednesday" each month so my kids aren't the only ones having to do jumping jacks in flip flops because I forgot make them wear tennis shoes.

Waking up early: My coffee, my book and my peaceful view of the old, friendly walnut tree in our backyard. I need these moments in the morning to gather my thoughts and make sure that I am not running around crazy, trying to get last minute things done. 

Command Center: I'm just going to lay it all out there. I am completely unorganized. I am scattered brained and my attention span is something left to be desired. However, if I having a "landing spot" for the things I need to keep track of, I will be much more likely to be able to keep track of the papers, permission slips and to do lists that are sure to pile up this school year.

I bought the Wire file baskets, dry erase calendar and skinny cork boards from Amazon and picked up the hooks and inspiration quotes in a paper pack from Hobby Lobby. This allows me to still quickly "dump" the kids stuff into their baskets but it's organized and in a central location. I think it's important to display any accomplishments and good papers the kids have for them to see each day too. 

Mom squad: This is my most helpful tip: Rally your troops. Make friends with the other parents in your kids' classes so that you are not alone. I don't know where I would be without fellow parents who I can text in a moment of panic for early dismissals, after school help, homework deadlines, projects, treats, etc. It takes a village. Scratch that, it take a whole frickin' town to do this stuff! 

So bring it on, school year 2016!