The Things that Feel Like Home

Home means a lot of different things to me.

I obviously have the biggest sense of home at my own house but I also feel at home in other ways too... so I totally got the warm and fuzzies when I read Jen at Not Entirely Perfect's post about things that feel like home to her.

It got me thinking about how many homes I've had over the course of my life and how I managed to make them all feel homey, even when I knew they weren't going to be my "house" for very long.

So no matter where I live, here are the things that always make me feel like home:

It feels most like home when Fall and Christmas decorations are out. Maybe it's the candle scents that remind me of my grandma Cheryl, maybe it's the twinkling lights or the friends and family that always stop by... but whenever the seasons roll by, I am always overcome with the sense that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

It feels most like home to me when I am curled up with a good book in my "reading chair"

When I get to enjoy a good cup of coffee and watch the sun rise

It feels like home when I get to see my kids playing in the backyard or riding their bikes.

It feels like home when my closest friends and I sit in the living room, smiles on our faces, wine glasses in hand, figuring out life's problems and shamelessly gossiping. (Guilty pleasures but you know you do them too!)

I feel most at home in my kitchen. That is where a lot of my memories are from growing up here when my grandparents owned the house. In the kitchen, sitting at the counter bar, stealing sour watermelon slices from the candy jar and drinking virgin daiquiris with my Grandma Cheryl, talking to my aunts about their boyfriends. That kitchen counter was where I learned how to paint my fingernails, when I first caught a glance at the cute Roup boys who lived down the street (one of whom ended up being my husband!) and where I would curl up with a book in the guest room during thunderstorms.

I feel most at home doing DIY projects with my husband... My favorite project so far has been the kitchen shelves and the new back splash. Next up on our list is redoing the bathrooms!

I feel most at home when it's quiet and we are enjoying a game of Uno or Phase10 while watching t.v. in the basement.

When there's something warm in the oven on a cold night.

When there's the sound of the kids laughing downstairs, playing together.

When friends stop by randomly.

When my yard looks lovely and my plants are all alive and blooming at once.

When the wind blows the hammock to and fro.

When the people inside the house make it feel safe, sound and happy.

Make makes you feel at home?