My Favorite Things Lately

Some of my favorite things lately... 

I feel like I have been falling in love a lot lately, with many things here and there, little things that are just making my life that much more sweet and enjoyable and I wanted to share them with you. 

First, essential oils. I bought a starter kit and am in love with the diffuser. I have been using it mostly for our colds and congestion, but I've also found a great mix for purification that really helps to clear the air in the office. Especially the basement- because that's where my 8 year old and cat live, so you can imagine that it's in dire need of some fresh air :) I do not sell Young Living Essential Oils but learn everything I need to know from Jess so if you want to learn more, reach out to her and she will hook you up! Here are my favorite diffuser blends that I have been using constantly: 

Litsy: I know I have mentioned that before but if you are an avid reader and enjoy hearing what other bookworms are reading, you have to download the Litsy app. It's an amazing literary community that just blows my mind with everyone who is creative and passionate about books. And there's no other noise like other social media apps. It's just straight up books. You can review them, share quotes that you love and keep track of you favorite books and build a "to read" shelf as you find books you want to read. You can find me at JenniferJR. 

Junkstock: Last weekend the kids' grandma took them for a playdate and hubs and I found ourselves kid free for the afternoon so I bribed him into going with me to Junkstock, the happiest vintage market on earth in Omaha. It comes 3 times a year and October is my favorite because the weather is so perfect. I love the live music, amazing "junk" and friendly people. 

I came home with the cutest wall decor from LoveWell Lettering: 

My other favorite things lately: I've been binge watching Gilmore Girls in preparation for the big show on November 25. Jane the Virgin starts up again next week too. So you know where you can find me. That's right, on my couch. Did anyone out there get to go to "Luke's" when they had coffee shops all over pretend to be Luke's for the day? I only found out about it a day before and wasn't able to leave work for the day to go to Omaha or KC, which each had a couple. I would have loved to go! 

And of course, I've been doing alot of reading lately. Here's what's on my current reading list: 

What are your favorite things lately?