The Magic of Me Time

What does me time mean to you? For some of us, it’s a trip to Target alone, it’s the time we spend driving from here to there, that magical quiet time where we get to choose what’s on the radio, or 10 minutes without answering a million questions about when we’re going to get to our destination.

For some, it’s that moment right after you get home from work and you change from “business casual” to sweatpants casual. I've been known to take my sweet time taking off my bra, getting into my sweatshirt and yoga pants and okay, I'll be honest, just plain hiding out in my room for a couple minutes.

For my me time, it’s reading. I can’t go even a day without reading. With an hour commute three times a week, I also listen to a lot of audio books. I consider “me time” when I don’t answer my phone during the commute because it’s my time to drive, listen and relax. When I do take that time to myself, to really just sit down, relax and read a good book, I feel more relaxed.

I am blessed to be able to work from home on Mondays and Fridays. Without those days, I would hardly ever get any me time. Every Monday and Friday after I drop the kids off at school, I check my work email to make sure nothing that needs my immediate attention and then it’s electronics off, book open.

During my "Me Time" I've also started a gratitude journal so I try and spend a few minutes jotting down things I am thankful for a couple times a week. It helps me remember things that have happened that I might have let slip my mind but writing them down reminds how much fun my kids have together. It's turning into a mini activity journal, really because I get to go back and look at things that made me smile in the past months. Keeping track of what I'm grateful for makes me appreciate all the little things.

Other Me Time indulgences: Binge Watching Gilmore Girls in prep for their revival in November. I. Can't. Wait. And collecting coupons on Target Cartwheel, Pinning (obsessed), searching Goodreads and Litsy for my next list of books, sending funny memes to my girlfriends' group text, and watching celebrities' Snap stories.

Me time used to include baking, especially when the kids were tiny and still napped. Now, they are big enough that they want to help. And by help, I mean fight over who gets to crack the eggs and lick the spoon. So baking as morphed into family time instead and that's just as sweet

I think it’s important for everyone to take that time. It may seem selfish but it’s the most calming part of my week. It’s okay to say “This is my time” and just pick something that you enjoy and do it. Don’t make excuses, don’t put it off. Many of us are wearing several hats: parents, employee, boss, sibling, spouse...It can be nearly impossible to take all of those hats off and just be alone. I’ve read that physiologists recommend alone time in order to boost productivity, reduce stress and when people take that time to themselves, they are more willing and able to give time to others later. Helping myself and others PLUS I get to wear yoga pants and no bra? See, it's genius!

Here are the books I hope to tackle during my "me time" soon:

What does your "me time" look like?