Perfect and Cozy

I think everyone can agree that there's nothing better than a little more time spent in the comfort of your bed. And if you can't, then we can at least agree that you're crazy. 

But really, my favorite indulgence staying is bed a little longer on mornings that I don't have the alarm set or nights where I am actually awake enough to watch a full episode of Forensic Files without falling asleep. 

My favorite time to stay in bed is definitely on Saturday mornings where there aren't any kids' activities to rush off to (even though I cherish those mornings just the same). I love the way the early morning sun comes in through the window and I can throw the blinds up and let the sun rays warm the blankets. I love the "Thump" and "tap tap tap" of Reese's feet as she jumps off her top bunk and scurries across the hall into my room to watch cartoons with me. 

I love cuddling with the kids, watching silly cartoons and reading. And the cat loves it too. 

Our cat can spot a sun patch on the bed from a mile away. He's a cozy companion. 

My other staying-in essentials for a little more time in bed is of course, the perfect mattress that's cozy and soft, a good cup of coffee (or 3, let's be honest) and either a book or my journal. And the remote, my phone and a couple fuzzy throw pillows. (If you are on the look out for a great mattress, check out this link for some great options!) 

Other things I love to do: Make funny videos with the kids on Snap Chat, watching Fixer Upper and scrolling through Instagram. 

I honestly can't think of a better way to bring a little calmness and breathing room into my day than by reading in bed. Reading brings me time to escape, time to gather my thoughts, a way to travel to places I've never been and experience things I might not otherwise ever even consider. 

I read to my kids about having patience, how to deal with bullies, how to be kind and how to have an imagination. We travel in space, beat up dragons and learn how to bake cookies...all from the comfort of our bed. 

Letting life slow down enough and not getting caught up in the rush of busy schedules and appreciating that calm, extra time I have with the kids is the key to really being able to enjoy these moments. The laundry may be piled up a little longer and there are dishes in the sink but those cuddles and comfy moments snuggled up with my kids in bed is much, much better. 

What are your "staying in bed essentials?"