Someday I will..A Link Up With The Daily Tay

When Taylor does a link up, it's pretty much a given that I am going to belly up to the blog and write about whatever she tells me too. 

"Someday I will" is a pretty great concept. I mean, I can make myself some pretty easy goals. 

Like someday I myself a car. That's doable, right?  There's nothing too intimidating about buying a car. I can handle it, right?  

But what about the more lofty goals? The ones that could be a little harder and might actually take some work and effort? That's what I want to talk about today. And maybe I'll throw some pipedreams in there as well, just to keep it interesting. 

Someday I will...

Someday I will....lose another 20 lbs. I don't know why I'm being so lazy about it. It actually wasn't as hard as I thought the first time I did it. I just stopped eating like a hippo and walked every day. Tell that to the lump on the couch that has only seen the dreadmill 3 times this months. Whoopsies. 

Someday I 

On to the to do list: The west coast, Boston, Chicago, Nashville and overseas at least once. I haven't been outside a 300 mile radius in almost 10 years. It's time my friends. It's time. 

Someday I will...own a house. Because I will be living in this teeny town until my children grow up, it's safe to say that house I will someday buy will be here. I'll start stalking and saving now...check back with me in a couple months (years). 

Someday I will... do something daringly know, the usual: either get a tattoo, cliff dive, skydive, swim with dolphins. 

Someday I will...write a novel. 

It's been sitting in my subconscious for years and until recently, I never knew how it was going to end...and now that I think I know, it's time. I've even taken it a step toward actually doing something about it by signing up for National Novel Writing Month.  It's how wonderful books like Fangirl and The Night Circus were written and I want to my chunk of the literary world in my pocket. Even typing about thinking about writing a novel has my fingers tingling. Someday I WILL.

Someday I will... get over the people I can't please. 

Either by scathingly passive thank you notes, sweet revenge or a smiling winky face, I want to tell those few who've wished me ill will to pack their bags and stay on the other side of the grass.

Someday I will...take a trip somewhere solely to eat food. I want to look up Diners, Drive Ins and Dives to go to, I want to eat at famous places from movies like Serendipity's for hot chocolate in NYC or the famous When Harry Met Sally diner. (I don't even know if those places actually exist but you get the point). 

Someday I for myself. There will come a day where there is no time clock.

Someday I will... clean out my unnecessary 800+ Facebook "Friends."

Someday I will... read all of the Jane Austen books. 

Someday I the Harry Potter series. 

Someday I will...spend an entire day doing nothing but listening to Ted Talks.

Someday I will...visit Napa Valley. I've always wanted to stomp grapes. 

Someday I will...take my kids on an airplane. 

Someday I will...sit down with an author and pick their brain.

Someday I will... have a house where people know they can stop by anytime and I'll always have coffee and a snack to offer them. 

Someday I will... have a gigantic area rug. 

Someday I will...have a tan. A REAL one. 

Someday I will..own an IPhone. Dear Lord please someone take away my stupid Samsung and make me cool.

And now I feel like I really need to get started on this list! What should be first? What's on your "someday list?"

It's Monday and I'm exhausted


Let me tell you right now there is nothing better than a Monday off work. If you listen very closely you can here the sound of my brain decompressing. 

So, our weekend look liked a blur, looking back on it, which is why I am so thankful to be sitting at my table in my pjs with unlimited coffee, Pandora and a day to myself. 

Saturday morning looked like this: 
My first Chloe & Isabel party! I am so excited about my first pop up shop this weekend. My amazing hostess showed her guests tons of ways to style the jewelry and we had fun playing dress up! Plus she earned over $200 in free Chloe & Isabel products, AND an exclusive hostess necklace and earrings! (You can host an online party if you want! Contact me today if you would like to be my next hostess, just in time for the holidays!) 

I made some awesome, easy muffins for the party. One spice cake mix, one can of pumpkin pie filling, mix and bake at 375 for 20 minutes and then slather with cream cheese icing. YUM.

Saturday night looked like this: 

The Rs and I headed to my work's haunted hayride. They were really good sports and actually, I screamed more than they did! Those damn air horns get me every time! At one point on the hayride, someone came out of the corn field reving up a chain saw and R1 didn't even flinch. Instead he yelled "That is not safe AT ALL!" and everyone laughed! It was so cute. Always a thinker, that one!  I also had a last minute stroke of genius when I ran to the store to get supplies for the bonfire. I didn't want the messiness of melted chocolate for s'mores so I grabbed marshmallows and Chips A'hoy cookies. We made "s'mores" using the cookies in place of chocolate and grahams and they were great! Much easier, quicker and just as yummy!  Also, notice that R1 is either cheesy the camera or moving in all of the photos. The kid.never.stops.moving. 

Sunday looked like this: 
My beautiful niece Lucy was baptized and then the whole family went out to lunch afterwards. What I didn't take pictures of (and you'll thank me for this, I assure you) is the look on my face when I woke up Sunday morning at the exact moment I should have been LEAVING town for the ceremony, which was 2 hours away. FULL ON PANIC MODE. I didn't even dress R1, he rode the whole way in his Angry Bird pjs and no underwear and I dressed him outside the church. R2 had mac and cheese in her hair from the day before and my hair had seen better days but we breezed snuck in in just 10 minutes late and acted like nothing was amiss tried not to sweat. That's how I roll. 

Don't think I didn't stop at Target and Sbucks on my way home either. I picked up the cutest teal chevron wristlet wallet and carried a pair of black high heel booties in my cart for a while until I put them back. Sometimes I like to pretend I can buy all the things. I also scored a gigantic bag of Halloween candy for myself for all the trick or treaters that had nothing but chocolate in it, which is always a win win! Ain't nobody got time for fruit flavors.

Today, I am at home recuperating from a weekend where I can only assume I looked like a chicken running around with her head cut off. (which is a horrible saying by the way, especially if you have ever actually seen a chicken running around headless. It's not pretty). I would much rather prefer the saying "running around like a mother just trying to her best who still looks unflustered and eloquent" but I am pretty sure we all know why that saying doesn't exist.

 Happy Monday friends and cheers to an awesome Halloweenie Thursday! 

This has been another edition of Weekend Shenanigans with the wonderful, I'm-jealous-of-her-hair-Sami! 

Sami's Shenanigans

A Pink Cow and A Fancy Zebra: A Halloween Give A Way

So, shall we combine a couple of my favorite things and make a post out of it? 
Don't mind if I do! 

First we have a link up. Please note I only like other people's link ups because my own never seem to have that much luck. Ha. BUT when people like Sarah and Helene grace things with their golden touch, you know you have to tag along. When I saw they were doing a link up for anything Halloween related, I couldn't wait to show off the cuteness that is Reese's costume. 

Venus Trapped in Mars

Which brings me to another one of my favorite things: My 3 year old. 
She's spunky, smart and cute. Plus she's got these perfect little bird legs that look great in leggings. (is it okay to be jealous of a toddler?)  Just tonight I heard her tell her Ariel doll to relax because Prince Eric was actually a mermaid too so everything was going to be alright. See what I mean? This girl, she's after my own heart. Every day. So I do what any mom would do with their adorable daughter. I dress her up in ridiculous clothes. So imagine my delight when she tells me she wants to be "Fancy Zebra" for Halloween. Challenge accepted. 

I headed to Hobby Lobby first for elastic and black, white and hot pink zebra print tulle. With an elastic band, I made her a tutu, then ordered ears and a tail from Amazon. I was almost finished but needed something extra to send it over the top of the cuteness scale. 

And then in walks Kari from Pink Cow Mootique. And by walks I mean in walks her ad swap on my blog. As I clicked over to her Etsy Shop and browsed the adorable bows in her boutique, I knew she was the one who could help me take my zebra up a notch to "fancy." We clicked from the beginning and over a fury of excited emails Kari had a bow made up for my zebra and had it in the mail in no time flat. She takes "custom" order to a whole new level and was so wonderfully sweet and nice to work with! 

So here she is, in all over her "Fancy Zebra" glory, thanks to Kari's amazing bow making skills, a little Hobby Lobby magic and a seriously sweet little 3 year old: 

I can't stand the cuteness. It'll be even better when she brings me home Milky Ways and Tootie Fruities next Thursday, too. Speaking of free treats, I've got a surprise for you! Kari is not only a great blogger, mom (of twins!) and an obviously talented crafter but she's also seriously sweet! Which is why she is giving away one of my readers a bow of their own! 

And be sure you stop by Kari's Blog to say hi! Tell her Reese the Fancy Zebra sent you :)

I've dabbled in some crafts myself, and even tossed around the idea of opening my on Etsy shop so I picked Kari's brain a little to learn more about her and to see what advice she has to give about Etsy and how to juggle it all! She had some really good points: 

1.  My name is Kari!  First, and foremost, I am a child of God.  My faith is very important to me, and I give ALL my thanks to God for blessing me in more ways than I deserve.  I am a high school science teacher, with a dream of having a successful handmade shop!  I have always loved crafting and giving handmade gifts, versus store bought gifts.  My mother instilled this in me at a very young age.  

I am the mother of 2 1/2 year old twin girls (adorable) and have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 8 years!!  They are truly the light of my life and my inspiration for all things handmade!  I am also teaching my girls that handmade gifts are so special.

When they were born, my mother in law and I became so close and really started turning gears for our handmade shop.  She is a master at sewing/creating items.  Over the past two years, our focus has shifted towards boutique style hair bows.  We have many other things in the works which we will be launching as soon as possible!  (A plus is having some really cute models!! :))

2.  Juggle.  Thats the key word!  Work, Mom, Etsy shop, blog…Its all a juggle!  I am so lucky to have so much family.  We have more help than we need with the twins.  This is a huge help with maintaining a handmade shop.  I also have the best girls in the world (maybe I am biased)…so I can blog, answer questions, make bows, package items, etc. while the girls are playing!  

I am also a night owl by default, so a lot of my 'work' gets done after 9pm.  This makes for rough mornings (ha!) but I truly come to life at 9pm!

3.  My main piece of advice to give to an Etsy Shop owner is to be patient.  While I would love to 'make it big' over night, I also know it takes time.  I 'introduce' myself to a lot of bloggers and have given away a lot of bows.  It is important to 'get your name out there' as much as possible!  So, research and create relationships with people who can use your item(s)!!!  Also, obtain any social media items possible (twitter, instagram, blogger, Facebook, etc.)!!

Thanks so much Kari! Now for the icing on the cake! 

Enter here to win something from Pink Mootique! 

Happy Halloween, friends! 

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Oh, Nom Nom Nom (Recipes)

Can I have a braggable moment? This morning, I woke up early and dragged my butt out of bed early enough to lay out a decent work outfit and coordinating jewelry, PLUS got both kids dressed in clean, matching clothes, braided R2's hair, put dinner in the Crockpot, remembered my work out clothes AND had enough time to spare! I rewarded myself by getting a fountain Diet Pepsi, which I haven't done before work in 2 weeks! It was nice to visit my addiction after a little vacation :) Okay, #bragaboutit moment is over. Now onto a couple recipes!

This weekend I managed to make a few loaves of bread and they came out so great I thought to myself, "Self, you should share this on your blog!" 

So bada bing, bada boom, here we are. 

First up, what if I told you that you can combine 3 of the world's most FAVORITE things and make something delicious? You'd probably say "Thank you Jenni!" and I would humbly nod and bow. 

I bring you: 

Stuff you need: 
3 cups self raising flour
1 cup creamy peanut butter
1 12 oz. can light beer
1/4 cup sugar
1 squirt of honey
1 bag of chocolate chips (I found a bag of both pb chips and chocolate chips that I used!)
1 cup of sour cream (weird I know but it makes it moist!)
1/2 stick of butter 

Stuff you need to do to it: 

Mix flour, peanut butter, beer, sugar, honey & sour cream with a mixer. Fold in the chips. Melt the butter in a bowl and pour half into the bottom of a loaf pan. Pour the batter in the pan, topping it with the remainder of melted butter. 

Bake at 350 for 55 minutes. 

Serve with butter or jelly or just eat it all in one setting  like I did.

My other favorite meal we had this weekend is the most convenient and versatile meal ever. 

Tortilla Chicken: 

I use:
4 frozen chicken breasts
1 jar of Picante sauce (or any salsa)
1 can of corn (drained)
1 can of black beans (drained)
1 pkage of taco seasoning
Put all ingredients in a Crockpot and cook for 6-8 hours on medium. 
Once the chicken is cooked, take it out and shred in with a fork, put it pack in the crock pot. 
We ate it on tortillas with sour cream and lettuce. My kids LOVED it. 

I also think this could be the perfect base for a chicken tortilla soup, just add chicken stock until it's the consistency you like for soup and serve with sour cream and chips! 

The Weekend That Won Best Ever. Charlie Horse.

Monday already?! 

Sami's Shenanigans
(Thanks to Sami for creating this link up because without which, my life would be much less photographed!)

A quick recap on an awesome weekend:
Friday: We bundled up for a high school football game and handed out free water bottles for my work.  The Rs were perfect for the job and were not too shy to run up to anybody and everybody who came through the door. We ended the night with cuddles on the couch and watched The Croods, which is the CUTEST movie by the way! I also started on R2's fancy zebra costume (pictures below) She's going to be so cute! 

The rest of the weekend was a blur on fun.  Saturday R2 had a sleepover date with her grandma and cousin so it was just Ryder I to fend for ourselves. There were LOTS of Legos laying around! Plus we went on a walk to find bugs to feed Mr. Slow Poke the snapping turtle, who is miraculously still alive and kicking. We ended up at a creek in a rock throwing competition.  

The second half of Saturday, I prepared for the arrival of Brin and Allie. There are no words for how excited I was to hang out with these two awesome ladies. They are so fun, sincere and hilarious. There wasn't a topic we didn't cover. Biscuits? Sure. Online Dating? You betcha. Our life stories? Of course. Charlie Horses? Funniest Thing Ever. I haven't laughed that hard in sooo long! I am on a mission to find them both a single guy in Missouri to set them up with so they can move here and we can all live happily ever after! We even face timed with Faith. We tried Shannon but she was too busy dealing with fleas.Supposedly. (Sorry to all of the Plenty of Fish out there who got totally screwed and all our bliends for the ridiculous snap chats.) Okay, who I am kidding. We aren't sorry at all. 

I also whipped up a few loaves of bread this weekend. I tried a new recipe that turned out really good! Only I should have added an egg because it was a little dry. I will share the recipe later this week for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Beer Bread! 

Sunday, I managed to write a couple book reviews and get some Chloe and Isabel things organized. It ended with our favorite chicken crock pot meal (chicken breasts, salsa, black beans & corn) some football and a couple wind down drinks. Perfection? I think so. 

This weeks looks like a promising one as well. I get to start brainstorming ideas for R1's SIXTH birthday party. How did that happen? 

Happy Week, Friends! 

A Random Thankful Post

Maybe it's the chill in the air or the barrage of Thanksgiving type commercials that are everywhere these days but today I just felt like listing some things I am thankful for.

First let's start with these boogers:

R1 is debating between being Yoda and a Whoopee Cushion for his Halloween costume.  R2 has decided to be a "fancy zebra." After asking her a couple more questions, I discovered a "Fancy" zebra means sparkles and tutu. I got a good start on her costume last night. Think hot pink and fur. It's going to be so cute!  I'm also thankful for Kari at The Pink Cow Mootique for hooking R2 up with a seriously cute bow for her costume. Oh don't worry, there's a major photo shoot coming your way to show off the cuteness! You can get an idea by checking out Kari's Etsy Shop!

I'm also thankful for the you know what I posted on Instagram last weekend. Thanks for all the love by the way. And if you don't know what the heck I am talking about and I like you, you can follow me on Instagram to find out for yourself. (Insert giggling school girl here).I am thankful for my ability to be cryptic. (Winky Face).

I'm thankful for this amazing Fall Swap box my blogger/lover Allie Baby sent me and the kids. She sent me wine, a scarf, peanut butter M&Ms, socks, chocolate, and a candle. With 2 wicks. I can't get over it. And if that wasn't enough to make me love her forever, she sent the Rs Halloween decorations, fake fangs, mini M&Ms and CANDY BOOGERS.  #auntallieforthewin. You can thank her for the "Scary vampire" kids in the pictures above! 

(Enjoying the chocolate Allie sent me last night)

I am thankful for Blates. There are just no words:

I am thankful for this new little adventure I just started, called Chloe & Isabel

You can shop my online store here! 
If you want to host an online party, message me for details or comment below! You can earn free jewelry that is so versatile and affordable! I am in love with this line and get compliments whenever I am wearing something! I am thankful for something new and exciting do work on, since I am always looking for a fun project!

I am thankful for today because it's already 11:00 and I am still in my pajamas. I think I am going to tackle this recipe for Peanut Butter Bread and get ready for Blate Part II, the PJ Party Edition! Brin and Allie are headed over to my neck of the woods for some wine, pizza and girl chat. Don't die of jealously. (Although I wouldn't blame you.) 

Happy Weekend, Friends!

I'd Blate You

4 things I learned from my blate with Allie, Brin & Sarah

1. There are too many one way streets in Lincoln, Nebraska. Oh, and U turns are totally legal whenever there's not a sign saying other ways. (the amount of u turns I whipped while trying to get to this blate was quite expressive). 

2. When I get really excited about something, I act like a dork. Apparently I giggle and use my hands alot. I tried to stop but it was like I was a kid in a candy store! They probably all think I am a gittery hot mess. Which I probably am but whatevs. 

3. Being with a group of bloggers while at dinner was a lot better than being the only blogger at dinner. Mostly because everyone was Instagramming, Tweeting and Snapchatting and no one got offended. OH and I finally felt totally comfortable taking food pictures. When every one you are eating with is taking pictures of their food, it's the new normal. Also, one thing you should know about Brin: she is easily embarrassed.  And of course once I learned this, I had to make her as embarrassed as possible, which I accomplished by singing happy birthday at the top of my lungs and saying "But I am a BLOGGER" whenever told me to stop taking her pictures. I know she still loves me. 

4. The last and most important lesson: These girls are amazing. Funny, witty, caring, interesting. All of that and more. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much at the end of the night. I felt like I was sitting down to dinner with women I'd know since grade school. Blogging has totally opened up an opportunity for me to be completely myself. It was so freeing. I hope they don't mind that my hands fly around like crazy when I talk or that I laugh really loud or drive like a maniac, because that's me and that's who they got! 

If you ever have the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers, do it. A million times over, do it. You will have so much fun! 

I'd Step On A Lego For you

Last night it was raining and beautifully chilly outside. I was sitting on my comfy coach with the windows open and watching Entertainment Tonight (not that I really care what Angelina Jolie's plastic surgeon has to say but whatevs). 

As lovely as this sounds there were a couple things that are missing. 

There were no tiny toes digging into my side as someone attempted to get as close as humanly possible inside my personal space bubble. 

There were no Legos or K'Nex threatening to induce epic amounts of pain to the bottoms of my feet.

There was no sign of the polka dot blanket that used to be white but is now a muted gray after years of being dragged along on a 3 year old's adventures.

There was no ketchup or any other dipping sauce on the menu tonight. 

Spongebob didn't make an appearance on the television. 

There was no one here to ask me "Why" after everything.

There was no one yelling at me from the bathroom to look at the drawings on the mirror in lipstick. 

So the rain keeps falling and the quiet drags on. 

 I used this time to organize the Legos, clean the mirror, make something for dinner that doesn't require a dipping sauce and watch a television show with an actual storyline. 

Of course I miss my kids when they are at their dad's. How could I not?

But it helps to go through the list of things that are absent when they leave and remind myself how sweet those little annoyances actually are. Because for every Lego stepped on, there's a giggle to remember that was caused by the Lego car as it drove up that ticklish arm.

And luckily, I have memories like this to hold me over until they come back to make more memories: 

I let my stud muffin kindergartner walk the 1 block to school the other day. 
I followed him without him noticing. I thought I had succeeded until the next day when we had this conversation: 

R1: Mom, can I walk to school again today?
Me: Sure, I guess....
R1: Great. But can you NOT follow me again this time? Because that was really creepy. 

With convos like that on a regular basis, can you blame me for missing them? 

They will be home again tonight and I can safely say I'll actually be happy to hear Spongebob again. 

Hug your babies. 

That's What She Wrote: Link Up #1

Words cannot describe how excited I am for this day. 

First, I get to read other amazing bloggers' short stories! 
Second, I get to share my passion with you: Fiction! 

When you're done reading my own short story, don't stop! Click on other's stories in the link up or link up your own! Let's show off our creative side! 

So without further adieu I give you my own short story:

He arrives inside the train depot right on time. He runs his hands over his freshly shaven chin, checks his watch for the hundredth time and stops to take in the crowd.

Without trying, his eyes start to search the faces, waiting for them to catch sight of one face he knows without trying. His brow creases as more time passes and he still hasn’t found her.

They said that if one didn’t want to go through with getting on the train, there would be no hard feelings. But what if she is somewhere near, what if she thinks it’s him that hasn’t shown?

They had said 2:00 p.m. When they decided to leave, there were so many unanswered questions. But the only one they could answer wholeheartedly was this:

Did they want to escape together? The answer: Yes. A million times over, yes.

So he was here. And she was not. His breath came in quick bursts, sweat began beading on the back of his neck. He heartbeat thumped in his ears.

He began to walk. Briskly, he maneuvered between the crowds.

He notices flashes in the crowd that could be her. A lady flipping dark hair over a shoulder, someone throwing their head back in laughter, another, her nose buried in a book.

If only he could see each person in the crowd up close, he could find her faster. The intimate parts of her were the most familiar to him, the ones so much more vivid in his mind. If he could get close enough to each persons’ hand, he would be able to spot the chipped nail polish on her fingers, or the careful mascara on her dark lashes. If he could reach out and pull the hair off each person’s neck, he would recognize the curve of hers immediately.

He decides to search the platform instead of inside the depot and finds a door leading outside. It’s locked tight, a padlock dangling from a chain holds the doors tightly shut. The padlock intrigues him so he stops to inspect it.

There are initials and a date inscribed on one side. He pauses, runs his fingers over the letters and smiles. The shrill sound of a train’s whistle brings him back and he swiftly turns to find another way onto the platform.

He finds a door, opens it and the crisp fall air hits his face and the smell of fallen leaves and damp sidewalks reminds him of the autumn he had first lost her. That wet outdoor odor, mixed with the taste of gin and tears, was all that he needed to remember the reason he was here: to never lose her again.

He picks up his pace. He spots a woman carrying large packages. It couldn’t be her, they agreed to pack light. A man helps an older woman through a doorway. Two young teenage girls laugh and whisper into each other’s ears. A man walks out on the platform and looks from side to side. Is he waiting for his partner as well? Did he tell whomever he is waiting on the wrong time?

And then, in a flash, he remembers. Of course she wouldn’t be waiting in the busy, crowded station. She’d be somewhere quiet and alone because she hates loud noises and crowded spaces. And she’d waiting until the last minute so that she didn’t appear frazzled when they met. She knows he’s dependable and he’d come looking for her. He knows that she probably did pack some things because she likes to be prepared. He knew she’d bring something to read, a change of clothes and because she’s self conscious, she’s probably wearing a coat, despite the friendly autumn sun.

He ticks off all of these things about her without thinking. Her tendencies, her quirks, are so familiar to him that they are apart of the landscape of his mind. Her nervousness makes his heart beat faster, her laugh makes the corners of his mouth turn up in a grin. Her fast paced storytelling awakes his soul, her hands, incessantly moving, make his own start to tap against the inside of his pockets.

He decides she’s somewhere less crowded and starts looking for a break in the throngs of people. He must hurry. Their train leaves in just a few minutes, at 2:13.

There, up ahead, passed the main platform, is a small, uncrowded area.

He starts walking faster. His shoulder clips the elbow of an old man, who is talking animatedly to the two men with him. “Yes, I knew her long ago and I am so happy to tell you, we’ve been together ever since that one summer...” he hears the old man say as he strides past.

The 2:13 departure whistle sounds, warning the passengers of the upcoming departure. His heart lurches as he realizes he’s almost out of time. He forces himself to focus on finding her, even though his mind begins to raise with the sudden, dreadful realization that it may lose her again.

He sees someone. As the whistle hollers, her hands fly up abruptly to cover her ears. She’s facing the other direction and as his feet hit the pavement, one quickly after the other, she turns and he stops.

He takes in a deep breath and his smile turns into a laugh that almost sounds like a small cry.

“What took you so long?” she asks, holding out her hand.

“I hope you don’t mind that I found a more quiet place to wait for you. I knew you’d come looking for me. And I packed a couple extra things, just in case something happened. Oh, and I brought a book, so we could take turns reading to each other in the train car.”

He took her hand, grabbed the suitcase and guided her onto the last train car, his smile so big, the people on the platform had stopped to stare.

I showed you mine, now you show me yours!