Playing Catch Up

Today is the first day in so long that I feel like I have time to sit down and write. 
Soccer, the beginning of summer, t-ball, family events and the end of Mad Men...I have had a lot on my plate lately. So this morning, I woke up and realized I have nothing to do. Unfortunately, the Rs are with their dad and whenever that happens, I feel like I'm missing a limb. I'm bored, it's too quiet and I just want them on my lap. 

Today, I'll busy myself some how. Lately, I've had the urge to bake. I thought about cleaning the house but then again, maybe not. I swept and did laundry on Saturday and just talking about it makes me tired. In another life, I'll come back and be in love with house work. Until then, I'll be married to a wonderful guy who weirdly likes to dust and vacuum and live happily ever after. 

Not only have I stopped blogging, I've even been too busy to read. I know. Adulting is hard. It gets in the way far too much. I used to think in terms of books and blogging. I used to remember to bring my book wherever I went and always take photos of my food before I ate it in restaurants. 

Now, my days are measured by the kids' activities and work. Work is huge right now. I love it so much. My creative mind is blown and I love it. But it also means I'm running here and there and when I get home, I feel like my mind/brain/get-up-and-go is deflated. 

Last week, R1 had a bug and had to miss the last 3 days of school. He was devastated because, as we all know, the last days of school are the best. But we tried to make the most of it. 

Life just doesn't get better than Bananagrams and a cuddly 7 year old.

This weekend, we were set to go camping but the rain just keeps coming. And coming. This time last year, we were camping somewhere in the deep wilderness and it was bliss. It was also the weekend CJ asked me to marry him, so I know that as long as mother nature allows, we will always celebrate this week. Today, however, we are stuck indoors. Thus, I finally have time to relax and write. I can't complain. 

Today, I hope to catch up on these. I'm a huge Joan Didion fan, so I've been slowly making my way through The Year of Magical Thinking for the second time. I read it pre-kids and now, as a mother and a wife, it holds a whole new meaning and level of despair. I love her so. I've also put One Step Too Far aside because Reese Witherspoon told me to read The Luckiest Girl Alive and when my girl Reese speaks, I listen. Follow her on Instagram to develop a serious girl crush find out what she's reading.

What else has been going on lately? A lot of a little bit of everything. 

If you live in the KC area and you've never been to Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead, I suggest you go. It was such a great day and there are a ton of different activities for kids to do. The baby goats were a huge hit, and I'm not kidding. (See what I did there?)  

That's all for now. I've got a giant cup of coffee and a house with all the windows open, calling my name.

Book Round Up: Barnes & Nobel Edition & Life Lately

The other weekend, Hubs and I found ourselves without the kiddos on a beautiful weekend and I said, "let's get the heck outta here!"

And so off we went for beers with this beautiful gal  named Brin and her teddy bear fiance: 

We laughed. We drank a few beers and we talked about her upcoming wedding. It was the bees knees and more. 

We also stopped by a couple of my favorite places. 

Trader Joe's and Barnes & Noble. Can I get an AMEN? I can't think of a better way to spend the day. 
Here's a couple books that caught my attention while in book heaven: 

I am currently reading My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh. It's pretty interesting so far. It's about a boy who knows about the rape of his neighbor and it's written almost documentary style, as if you're reading the script of 48 Hours. So far, so great. I also read the sample of The Children's Crusade and I will definitely keep going with it. 

Lately, our life has been pretty full. We're outside, we're spending time with family, we're cheering on our Royals. We're having fun with friends and there are smiles for days. 

Life is just better when it's 75 degrees and sunny, am I right?

This Mother's Day, I was blown away with the amount of love all around us in our life. The kids gave me beautiful flowers and wrote the sweetest notes to me. Hubs and I even got to take our own mothers to a winery and spend hours just sitting around the table telling stories and laughing with them. 

Seeing my mom enjoying my kids was the best Mother's Day gift I could think of and I know she enjoyed it too. I love this photo so much. Almost as much as I love those smiles.

The summer is quickly approaching. On the horizon? LOTS of t-ball. Playing outside, swimming and a quick trip over to Colorado. It's going to be a great one, that's for sure! 

What are your summer plans? 

Happy Mother's Day is Everyday

This is just one happy's mother day a year but there are many, many other happy days.

I love being a mom, but I love being their mom even more. They make me smile like nothing else in the world. 

I just don't want to be anything else. Just their mom. Their cheerleader, their rock, their happiness. 

I could ramble on for hours about how wonderful life is just because they call me mom. 

It's loud, it's hectic and I'm a grouch sometimes. But they always kiss me good night.

 I can always make them crack a smile. It's the coolest trick up my sleeve that I can think of...

I love the way they look at me. I love the way they look like me. Those freckles, those eyes. 

Hashtag blessed.