I'm a Bookworm Stereotype

I feel like bookworms have a stereotype. Have you ever noticed this? 

Like, we're sitting over here with our cable knit sweaters with our nerdy glasses and a bunch of cats. 

And you know what? 

It's totally true. I literally wrote that description before realizing this scene was happening right in front me:

I creeped myself out over that one. 

But honestly, I've never been more proud of any other hobby I've ever had.  

I'm such a stereotype in fact that apparently, I pop into peoples' minds when they see something book related because a lot of them will tag me in photos on Facebook that say "This is made me think of you, Jen!" and my heart will burst with a little happy flutter. I LOVE that people see something bookish and it reminds me of them. All the warm and fuzzies. 

So here are some of those posts that people have shared with me that I know all the other stereotypical bookworms out there will also love: 


My birthday is February 13, in case any of you want to make this for my 30th 29th birthday next year. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  

I've never met a rap pun I didn't love. 

Can someone build this for me? But seriously, please, somebody make this.


It's about time I have this in my house. 

In our new house, we have a shelf that runs all the way around the top of the great room and I am stuffing it to the gills with books. I can't stand how fun it is to have a space to stack them wherever I please. 

Now I have to start collecting more books so I can make this little beaut in time for Christmas: 

What's On My Book Shelf

What is this, a new post? How in the world did this happen? 

It's been 2 months since I've blogged..the longest gap I've ever had between posts in 3 years.

What's been going on around here? Life stuff, I guess. Stuff that just require my full attention and finding the time to do even my favorite things has been few and far between.

Moving into our dream house, work, work, work, kids starting school...it's a wonder I get anything done around here.

I have manged to read a couple great books amidst the craziness, so I thought I would dive back into blogging with some recommendations of books I've read lately and what is up next on the reading list. 

If you have read any of these, let me know what you think of them, I would love to read your thoughts! 

Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner- I always answer Jennifer Weiner when asked who my favorite author is. Jennifer W is, in the words of Lena Dunham, "the voice of our generation." She just speaks to me. So, as you do when your favorites come out with a new book, I pounced on it. And I am so glad I did. 

It's told from the alternating view points of Rachel and Andy and their life long love story, which I love because you get in depth looks from both sides. Rachel struggled through her life as a child and teen because of a heart problem, which is how she found herself talking to a young boy in a hospital when she was 8. After the boy was gone, Rachel received a love letter from Andy and never really stopped thinking about it. Fate brings them together again years later. It's like a modern day Harry Met Sally, except everyone has better hair and there's no wool coats and plaid everywhere. You keep wanting them to find each other again. The story about whether or not they'll end up together is a satisfying, endearing and emotional story that I really really enjoyed. 

 Oh, and Jennifer Weiner herself likes my review so that means it's legit. 

The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand - I know the summer is over but this is the ultimate beach read. So if it wasn't already September and if you had a beach, you would be set. It made me wish so bad that Desperate Housewives was still on TV. I need Gabby and Bree back in my life so bad, but this book was a nice little substitute. Two best friends Madison and Grace are roughing the waters of their rich lives, mansions and secrets. Rough, huh? Yeah right. But you do have to feel sorry for them a little bit. Madison is a novelist with a major case of writer's block that leads her to buying an apartment to get away and write. Someone sees her going into the apartment with the realtor and rumor number 1 starts. Grace shows up at a garden club event with a totally hot landscaper and rumor number 2 takes off. And then there is Grace's husband who has a secret all his own that no one sees coming.

It's just a great read you can probably finish over the weekend when you're relaxing and just want to get away to Nantucket for a little bit. 

Summer Secrets by Jane Green- What is it with me and these juicy summertime reads? Apparently I love them because that's the pattern I am on. This story, however, is a little moodier than the others. Cat is an alcoholic. What's worse, at one point, she doesn't even know it or won't admit it. This is the story of how Cat fights to live a normal life, and the story follows along as she tries to pick up the various pieces that her addiction leaves shattered in its path of destruction. 

Here's what I'm currently reading: 

Rising Strong by Brene Brown- I first fell in love with Brene Brown from TED Talks and now I love her books. You just need some soul food once and a while, you know?

Infinite Home by Kathleen Alcott- I chose to this because it kept showing up again and again on my Goodreads recommendations and plus I really liked the cover. However, once I read the sample I know I had to read it- I didn't even know what it was really about I just loved the style of the writing so much. I love stories with several layers that all have something in common and are somehow connected. The connection in Infinite Home is Edith, a landlady who houses a collection of misfits in her apartments. They each have their own stories of struggle, love, disappointment, and need for human connection and comfort. They are living separate lives until they realize that Edith needs help. 

It's a beautifully written story that I am really excited to dive further into!  

And what's up next? I picked up a copy of East of Eden at a used book story because I've always wanted to read it so I figured if I had a copy of it in the house I would eventually find the time to read it. 

For even more great book ideas, head over to Life According to Steph for Show Us Your Book Tuesday 

When I'm not reading, I'll be happily putting up fall decor in our new house and hopefully painting our living room and bathrooms. I can't stopping browsing Pinterest for more floating shelf ideas and mantle decor tips. If you need me, I'll be here: