Book Review: One True Loves

Today, we're here to talk about this gem:

In One True Loves, you'll find Emma, out to dinner her family and fiance for her father's birthday. Everything is perfectly normal until her phone rings and she doesn't recognize the number. She answers and the voice on the other end is the most familiar yet distance sound she's ever heard. It's her husband saying her name on the other end. The thing about her husband calling her is...he's been gone for 3 years. His helicopter crashed when he was on an assignment in Alaska and his body was never found. They had given up hope and Emma was finally able to move on after years of believing her husband was gone forever. 

Until she gets that phone call from Jesse. Jesse, the husband she thought was gone. And now she's faced with what to say to Sam, the man she fell in love with and promised to marry after her first true love disappeared. 

What would you do? 

The best part of this book is that it is unapologetically romantic and mushy. There are a lot of paragraphs that are just over the top lovey but honestly, I just couldn't get enough of it. Because I loved both Sam and Jesse and I especially loved the Emma that Emma became when she started falling in love with herself. 

After Jesse disappears, Emma loses herself. She moves back to with her parents, who are precious and remind me of the Gilmores and she takes over the family's bookstore and we all know how I feel about bookstores. 

She loves Sam and the life they have built. She learned to play the piano and found that she loves cats... and then one day her life takes another sudden turn. The back and fourth journey that her heart takes in finding a place to land is tragic. She has to break her own damn heart. It's incredibly heartfelt and I believed in every word. 

Up until the last minute I still didn't know what the right thing Emma should do was. Does she go back to Jesse and begin the life they had started over again or does she keep her promise to Sam? She was incredibly torn, and so was I as I read along!

But when I got to the end of the book, I was content and really felt like it was a great happy ending. It's just plain beautifully written, in a warm and fuzzy way that makes me remember how awesome it is to loved and be loved so much it hurts.  

If you believe in a good love story, read this. 

Show Us Your Books June

How in the world is June over already? 

I tried to give myself enough me time but really, everyone else needed it more than I did. Swim lessons, baseball, tee ball and summer school are all over so we are in full summer mode. But that just means more time outside, at the pool and trying with all my might to exhaust the kids enough that bedtime is a breeze. I relied heavily on audio books this month to get my book fix. There were a couple huge hits and a couple complete misses. Here's what I read in June: 

Modern Lovers - I will start with my favorites first. This was a great story. It was "modern" enough that the references to everything trendy made me smile- Uber, green smoothies, etc., but it was far enough removed that I really felt like I was escaping off to the best of the best of Brooklyn and NYC. A group of friends who were in a famous band in their youth are contacted by a film company who wants them to sign over rights in order to tell the story of their former band mate and friend, who died long ago of a drug overdose. Doing so would uncover secrets and risk facing feelings some of them have long since buried. I really related to how some of the characters were lost and searching for something, even when they didn't know exactly that that something was. There is a great mix of characters- mothers, fathers, teenagers, lesbians, all with a yoga studio, first love and an amazing restaurant mixed it. See what I mean? It's a no-brainer. Favorite quote: "Choices were easy to make until you realized how long life could be.”  It's a great read that will make a good addition to your summer reading list! 

The Girls - My second favorite this month and one that I think is going to lead me to read more cult fiction just like it. There's a "Manson-esque" feel to this story of a teenager who gets sucked into a cult like lifestyle that leads to a murder. I really got hooked into the story- the author does an amazing job of foreshadowing, giving you just enough to know something good is about to happen but not giving anything away. 

A Necessary End  - I am not quite done with this yet, but it's pretty good so far. Honestly, my final opinion hinges on how it ends but it will get at least a 3 out of 5 based solely on my love/hate for the characters. Adrienne and Gabe are unable to have a baby of their own so they start the process of adoption- in an unconventional way, no doubt, but it still leads them to Leah, who has agreed to give them her son for adoption, but only under certain circumstances that prove to be tough to follow. Adrienne is very interesting- I think I hate her but I want to love her because all she wants is a baby and I can totally relate to that. This is part quirky and a psychological page turner that has me really looking forward to what happens at the end.

Falling by Jane Green  Oh Jane Green, I was so looking forward to this- Tempting Fate and Swapping Lives- these are the ultimate summer beach reads so I was happy to snatch up this e-book from NetGalley. For the most part it was a sweet read, a typical story of 30-something Emma who moves into a beach house in a small town for a fresh start. She instantly meets and falls for her landlord Dominic, and the two begin a romance. Dominic's past and his 6 year-old-son throw some loops into the mix, as well as Emma's family, since the two come from completely different backgrounds. I thought it was a typical Green read and was happily reading along- but there's a twist that made it all go down hill for me. I literally dropped the book on my lap and rolled my eyes. I was totally mad about this, but if you've read it and liked the ending, let me know so I can see another side of it, but until then, I'll just be sitting over here, pissed at the ending. 

Behind Closed Doors -  I received an Early Reader's Edition of this thanks to St. Martin's Press for a review. The first couple chapters were a total win. It was creepy, foreshadowing, alluring and I couldn't wait to find out why the main character was so afraid of her husband. Until I found out why and then I was just grossed out. There was a lack of development of the main plot- and when it was going somewhere, it switched between past and present. Just a hard no for me. 

Currently Reading: One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid - I stayed up half the night reading this and am in love so's a truly beautiful story about a woman whose husband goes missing and after 3 years, she is finally ready to move on...until life has other plans. Seriously, it's so sweet and well-written. A total win for me and I've only half way through. 

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