Book Trailers Galore

There isn't anything in the entertainment category that I love more than reading. 
Give me a blanket, a comfy couch, silence and book and I am good.

Granted, if my house is totally silent, there must have been an apocalypse, but still.

Getting off track here but I have a little funeral for nap time. I think it's time I finally come to the realization that my kids will no longer nap in the afternoons. Major Sad Face.

Ok, so back to my happy place. Reading.
But you know the next best thing?
Movies. And even better, movie trailers. I love them.

Anyhooters, so imagine my utter glee a couple weeks ago when I discovered that  they make movie like trailers for BOOKS.

It's like my too favorite things got together and made a love child and then cuddled afterwards.

So here are some book trailers from the books that are on my Good Reads Shelf

The Diviners by Libba Bray
 (which I've already read but the trailer is really cool so I wanted to share again) 

 The Changling, by Philippa Gregory

My Dear I Wanted To Tell You, By Lousia Young

Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson

Have you seen any book trailers that led you to read a book?

Do you know of any sites that have a lot of trailers? I Googled the crap out of them and can't find many. Post in the comments if you've seen some! 


  1. I just added you as a friend on goodreads in case you were wondering who the rando is. :)

    I've only ever seen the book trailers on an author's website. It's great to get a visual to go along with the book!

  2. Book trailers?! Why have I never heard of this... You have most likely created a monster here haha :)

  3. I just found your blog :)

  4. This is neat! I'll have to look up some I've been wanting to read!

  5. Such a cool idea! I haven't seen or heard of this before. FUN~


  6. I didn't know about book trailers!! Thanks you sooo much for sharing! I need to get with it. This blogging thing has majorly cut into my book reading time.

  7. These are all so awesome! I wonder if there were more trailers, people would read more? They all look so good. And thanks again for the mention!


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