Weekly Book Round Up

This weekend we spent 2 days at my sister's house and I am in one of those 
I need to sleep in my own bed, my kids are crazy hang overs. 

But I did manage to browse through some of my magazines to try and  find some books that peeked my interest. 

I have found that my goodreads.com "to read" shelve has gained a few pounds since I started this weekly round up! I am going to have to either quit my job or start getting up earilier if I really think I'm ever going to read all these books! (Don't tempt me with a great time!)

To be honest, a couple of the books that People featured this week didn't sound interesting at all. Or maybe I was too distracted by all of the romantic gift ideas they had. I'd actually like way more to talk about those than books. I do what what I want, whatever.

So check out these ideas that made me swoon:

1) Personalized love letter necklace from RedEnvelope.com

2) A book you can make: pick cute stick figures to illustrate and write about your love, featured in People

3) Red hot lip earrings from Snooki's jewelry line featured in Redbook

So after I was done being distracted by those cute Valentine's Day gifts, I focused on the book recommendations.

They fell flat this week.

Schroder: A dad kidnaps his son. "Chilling and obsessional" (no thanks. I tend to steer away from anything with daddy drama)

The Lifeboat: a 1914 shipwreck pits survivals against nature "both human and otherwise." (no thanks. I'd rather just watch Leo in the Titanic)

Touch and Go: A married couple struggling with their marriage are kidnapped, while kidnapped, the wife  comes to the realization her family is broken long before the kidnapping. (no thanks. It's February. I'm  in the mood for LOOOOOOVE.)

I finished Divergent, so after I get out of my tired coma, I will definitely get a review posted. I really liked it and am ready to start the second book!

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