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About the only good thing about not being able to sleep is having a blog where you can pass the early morning hours. Thanks so my inability to catch some ZZZs, I bring you a book round up. I'm trying out a new format. I did away with copy and pasting Goodreads' book descriptions and instead, I'm sharing why I chose the book and a little synopsis to peak your interest. Hope you find your next great read! 

I have a secret that most bookworms won't agree with. I tend to not love Jodi Picoult. Her books are just too sad. Generally, anything tragic about children makes me so anxiety ridden, I just can't read them. Especially when I start thinking about mothers who actually do go through these terrible situations in real life. It just makes my heart hurt. It took me forever to shake the sadness from My Sister's Keeper and I couldn't finish House Rules. This book seems like it could be different though and I can't stay away from the soulful, beautiful way Picoult writes. 

 It doesn't seem like a coincidence to Jenna Metcalf that her mother studied about grief. Now, years after her mother disappeared, she is still searching for answers that just cause more questions by reading her mother's more

I checked this book out because of its cover. I know, I know, you're not supposed to do that but I couldn't help it.  I also can't stay away from good family dramas (mostly because it makes my own seem more normal).

It's the 1970s and a Chinese-American family, the Lees, are falling apart. They were holding it together  just barely until their middle daughter is found dead in the local more

This one makes the list, because duh, it's Rainbow Rowell. Not only is she amazing, but her other books,  Fan Girl - a national favorite- and Attachments are big hits too. Not to mention, she's from Omaha, NE., which pretty much means we're related.

If the promises you made in  your vows seems a million years ago, would you take the opportunity to change the past or would you just let it go? Georgia McCool thinks her marriage may be at a stalemate, so when her husband leaves to visit family in Omaha, she stays behind in California. The next thing she knows, she is communicating with him via a landline, only it's her husband from years ago, before marriage, before kids, before it all didn't go right. Will she use this twist of magic to change her present and save her marriage, or secure a future without him? more 

Yet another book that caught my attention by its cover. It's so colorful and bold! Another reason is because Moriarty is the author ofThe Husband's Secret, which I started to read last year but put down for some reason and then kept seeing it pop up with awesome reviews and I've always meant to pick it back up again. Instead though, I started this book last night and I am hooked. Like up until 1:00 am. and up again at 4:30 a.m. hooked. 

It's like all of those girls you hated but were envious of  in middle school are now grown ups. They have everything, the big shiny SUVs, the perfect volunteering resume and the rich husbands with perfect kids to match. Only now, one of them is a murderer and it all started on the kindergarten more.

Now get to reading and tell me about what you think! 
I'll be posting my review for The Rosie Project later this week and you can follow along on Twitter as I share my thoughts about Big Little Lies.

Speaking of books, who doesn't look a great book club? I know I do! That's why I love bloggers like Lisa Kerr, who are organized and internet savvy enough to spear head online book groups. This summer, Lisa and her fellow bookworms are tackling the Sookie Stackhouse series, so if you want to join them, check out her blog for more information. I read the books a couple of years ago and LOVED them. (creepy, scary and weird, in a really good way) 

Lisa happens to have an amazing blog. She also cracks me up daily on Facebook. 
Do yourself a favor and follow along with her. 

Which Book Round Up books are now on your to-read list? 

What are you reading right now? 

I want to know!

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