That's What She Read's Perfect Books for Autumn Reading

For the next couple of months, your Pinterest is going to be jam packed with pumpkin crafts and wreaths made of burlap and leaves. Your Instagram will have countless manicured hands grasping steaming cups of PSL and Facebook will be colored with school pride as moms post selfies while huddled together in the football stadium. And while I will undoubtedly and unashamedly be participating in all of these Autumn festivities, the main thing I love to do in Fall (besides trying to pass leggings as pants) is to cozy up on the couch with the windows open reading a great book. In case you need a couple of book suggestions so that you can do the same, here's my list of perfect books to read in the Fall. Some old, some new, but all meant to get you in the mood for my favorite season of the year!

Little Women-This classic is a must. It's the perfect setting for the season, plus any story about sisters gives me a warm and cozy feeling. When I read this as a little girl, I remember tying blankets around my waste to pretend I had dresses like the March girls.

The One and Only by Emily Giffin- She's the genius author behind Something Blue, Something Borrowed and Baby Proof so you know you can't go wrong. This book is perfect for Fall because it's allll about football. And there's nothing better than enjoying a great game, tailgate food and hoodie sweatshirts on a cool crisp October game day, right? Shea is a Texas girl and a University of Walker graduate who bleeds teal- the team color of her alma mater-and there's nothing she wouldn't do to make sure that her favorite football team makes the playoffs. Falling in love with her best friend's father and the head coach of her beloved team might not have been the best play, but it definitely makes for a great game.

Cider House Rules ) This is just a classic that would be perfect for a chilly morning. Plus it has cider in the title, which is oveall, the only acceptable autumn drink.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed- There's something about Fall that makes me appreciate nature. And really, what else can make you feel one with nature more than a real-life account of a woman's 1,100 mile hike up the Pacific Northwest Trail? Not to mention, Reese Witherspoon is starring in the movie version right now so read and watch!

The Night Circus by Erin Morenstern - There's magic, beautiful costumes and mystery, so it's a perfect story to get you in the mood for All Hallow's Eve.

Autumn Getaway by Jennifer Gracen - It's all in the title. Plus, golden falling leaves adorn the cover so it passes that test too. Sometimes, sweaters, leggings and a cool breeze just call for a good romance that you can cozy up on the couch with. 

The Witches of East End- Melissa Beauchamp -Here's another great read to get you in the mood for Halloween. Plus, the next best thing to do in the Fall if you are not reading is to binge watch a TV show and I've heard great things about this one. 

What is on your reading list for next couple of months?


  1. i love night circus the ending was really something

  2. I love Little Women! One of my all time favorites.

    Up next for me: We Are Not Ourselves.

  3. Yay thanks for the book recommendations, I definitely put some of these on my Kindle wishlist! And I think I am going to get The Cider House Rules now since I'm going to Maine this weekend :-)

  4. I read Little Women every year during the fall. It is perfect for this time of year.

    I really want to read The Witches of East End and watch the show at the same time!

  5. I'm currently binge reading my way through the Throne of Glass series and The Darkest Minds trilogy. I also plan to get in a few classics and a Harry Potter reread before the year is out. And because I love anything Halloween, I plan to read a bunch of scary/creepy books in the month of October.
    Love all your suggestions, especially Little Women, The Night Circus and Wild!

  6. I loved Cider House Rules (it was my first John Irving!) and Wild. Great list!

  7. There are so many books I love too many to mention

  8. Wow - I'm surprised to sadly admit that I've read a total of ZERO on that list, I think I'll definitely have to invest Which one would you recommend the most??

  9. wild is on my reading list :) so excited to read it !

  10. These are excellent! I am featuring this on my FB page :) @


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