Book Review: What Alice Forgot

It's only January, which means I have the entire year to name my favorite book of 2015 but whatever I read will have to be pretty amazing to beat this book: 

It's about a woman named Alice. She's a mother, wife and apparently a go-getter. At least, that's what people tell her. Because if you were to ask Alice about her life, she'd tell you she's 28, married to Nick and pregnant with their first baby. 

But then she wakes up on the floor of a gym, in the middle of a spin class.  Everyone around her is telling her quite a different story. She's not 28, she's 38, she has 3 children and she and Nick are in the middle of a heated divorce. 

Alice has fallen and hit her head and apparently lost every memory from the last 10 years. And now she has to find the answers to questions that are coming at her from every direction. How can she be a mother to 3 children she doesn't know?nWhy did her marriage fail? Why are she and her sister no longer close? 

I loved this book because there are all of these unanswered questions and it's so interesting to read how Alice feels about the person she has become in the last 10 years. She doesn't exactly love herself in this new life she doesn't recognize. She can't figure out why her and Nick are divorcing. She doesn't know anything about the man she has been supposedly dating. And why do her neighbors hate her? Why is her sister so sad? And since when does she love to work out? When did she become such a bitchy, bossy person? 

One by one she finds the answers, and eventually starts connecting all of the dots. The amount of perspective she gains from knowing the mistakes she makes and their impact on her life is something I wish dearly to have for myself. 

I just really loved this book. I love all of Liane Moriarty's novels so I wasn't surprised. There were alot of side stories, including Alice's sister and grandmother, which give other dimensions and details to the entire story that I really enjoyed. And it's funny. There are sad topics but it's still a light story so it's the perfect balance. 

My recommendation? Read it!  This completes #2 on my Book Challenge because I listened to the story via Audible! 

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