Best Books of 2015

The only thing I regret about the books I read this year is that I didn't read more. There are many fun memories and Netflix shows to blame for that, so I am not complaining. But if I had to name my favorites, here is my list: 

Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff-  
This was a doozie, and I know I am not the only person who was left moved by it- it's been at the top of all of the best reads for the year. Lotto and Matilde are a beautiful couple with their whole lives ahead of them and they're madly in love. Their story isn't anything out of the ordinary...they marry young and struggle as Lotto pursues his acting career, and later, his dream to become a playwright. First, you get Lotto's point of view of their life and then, Matilde takes over the narrative and the shocker of the novel is that their versions of their life together are two completely different stories...and the reasons why are riveting

Nightingale by Kristin Hannah - My runner up for the favorite of year the year, probably because it made me fall in love with historical fiction again, which I have strayed from in the past couple of years. Just like Sarah's Key, this book was beautiful and so well written, it was if you were right there in France, in the cold bitterness of the war. It's just the way Hannah writes that makes you really live with the characters, which makes it easy to feel for them and understand why they did the things they did and how they survived. 

The Girl On The Train - The perfect "Gone Girl" fix for 2015. This book was the perfect "horror" or thriller fiction because the story wasn't just strange and mysterious but so was the writing. Sometimes I felt like I myself was hallucinating, not just the characters. But I won't say anything more because it's a cliff hanger that needs the reader to be in the dark. 

The Husband's Secret- This was actually a book I had given up on a couple of times but because I really like her others (Big Little Lies and What Alice Forgot) I decided to give it another chance, and I am so glad I did. I think that Liane Moriarty is just a rare gem because she writes these romantic comedies with such great twists that it's like Carrie Bradshaw Meets Olivia Pope. You can beat that match up. 

Ruby by Cynthia Bond - This is the most memorable because it was so dark and the imagery really stayed with me. In one word, it was haunting. The whole story just really stuck with me and there were parts of the narrative that stunned me and I really just can't get it out of my head.  

And for the BEST book of 2015, the award goes to ...

Did You Ever Have A Family by Bill Clegg

I can't even begin to describe this book. I know It is certainly not rare for a book to make me cry. But this, this book made me bawl. I listened to it on Audible and I listened to certain parts over and over again. 

The characters in this book live in a small town in Connecticut. They are torn apart when a fire takes the lives of  several of their loved ones and suddenly, instead of the wedding they had all been planning for, they are planning funerals. It's just a beautiful story about human beings and family. About people that we all know in our own lives, whose stories had me thinking, "Oh God, how I know that feeling." 


All I want to do now is reread these stories, but maybe I will give it a little more time. For now I'll just troll the "you might also enjoy" recommendations on Goodreads. 

The new year may start off a little slow in the book department thanks mostly to a couple of rooms that still need painting in the house and the fact that I've discovered Jane the Virgin, The Making of a Murderer and Transparent and the binging struggle is real... and there are mountains of new toys and crafts thanks to Santa that are begging to be played with. 

Here's to 2016! 

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  1. Several people have talked about Did You Ever Have A Family, and it sounds like a great book, and a definite tear jerker! I would love to read Ruby! I'm from Texas, so even if a little part of it is set in Texas, I want to read it!

  2. Found you from the link up! The Husband's Secret was one of my favs that I read this year. I added Fates and Furies to my "to read" list. Thanks for the rec!

    GAH, Making of a Murderer was my Christmas Eve binge-watch, and now I'm at work down a reddit rabbit hole reading about it. So good.

    I do what I want.

  3. I thought Fates & Furies was okay - a little like Groff was outwriting herself maybe? But another one of hers made my favorites of the year.

    This is the fourth time I've heard talk of Making of a Murderer in two days.

  4. Did You Ever Have a Family made it onto my best of list for the year as well. What a beautiful, heartwrenching, creatively told book.

    I finished Fates and Furies last week. I found it to be very meh. I did like the Mathilde's half of the book significantly better than Lotto's. It's actually what kept me reading.

  5. I added Ruby. My mom and extended family all live in East Texas.
    I think your description of The Husband's Secret sounds great.
    Did You Ever Have a family made me cry, and The Nightingale made me sob. Great list!

  6. I don't know why I just didn't get on with The Girl on The Train, wish I liked it as much as everyone else seems to.

  7. Jane the Virgin and Making a Murderer have taken a lot of my reading time lately, too! Okay so I just read Did You Ever Have a Family and like... I don't know, maybe it wasn't the right time for me? I enjoyed the way it was written but I wanted more from it, and maybe for more to happen. I felt like I didn't get enough from any one character, except maybe Lydia, to want to be in their world for any longer. Your description of Fates and Furies makes me think I should pick it back up! I just found Lotto so icky that I put it down pretty much as soon as he met Mathilde! I really liked Sarah's Key so I will definitely add The Nightingale to my list!

  8. I love this list! You and I definitely have similar tastes, and I've just added you to my Bloglovin feed!

  9. I keep meaning to read The Girl on the Train. It sounds great. :)

    Btw, you've been nominated for One Lovely Blog. Please see this link for my post about it:


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