How to Be a Bookworm When You Don't Have the Time

A good friend and fellow bookworm asked me the other day "How exactly do you find the time to read?" 

It's actually a fair question, considering I work full time, have a full house and kids in activities who have an insane need for one-on-one time with their mama. 

It's just that ONE thing that gives me my sense of self, the one activity that I not only love, but feel like I need. I wish I loved exercising as much as I love reading. Well, c'est la vie, I guess. Reading it is. I just naturally make it a part of my day because it feels incomplete without a little bit of reading. 

And I just love finishing a good book. It just feels so good. Except book hangovers, those are the worst.

Here's how I'm a bookworm with no time to spare: 

A Hardback- I always have a book on hand. Usually, if the main book I'm reading is an e-book, I still have a light book in hardback or paperback that I can pick up from my nightstand for when I need a break. I usually also read different genres and like to read one non-fiction and one fiction at the same time. I feel like this make it easier to not get the story lines mixed up. 

Audible-  I am always listening to a book. My hour commute to work 3 to 4 times a week really helps my habit. I pay for 1 audio book a month, which means I am like a kid on Christmas on the eleventh of every month when I know it's time for a new book. This also comes in handy for those rare times I actually can talk myself into walking on the dreadmill. 

E-books- E-books make it possible for me to read whenever I have extra time. This happens in 10 minutes bursts throughout the day, whether I am watching Reese at gymnastics or waiting in the school pick up line. I also use e-books to get to sleep at night. I turn off the lights and read for a bit before finally conking out, without having to get up and turn off the lights. 

NetGalley- NetGalley is fun because it helps fuel my fire a little bit. In exchange for reviews, I get free e-books from publishers and authors. Because I know they are waiting to hear what the world thinks of their books, it motivates me to read a little faster just so that I can tell them what I think. 

Recognizing time-I just pay attention to extra time I may have to read. Now, I'll be honest with you. This "time" could also just as easily be spent on laundry, dusting, sweeping or something like that. But, nah. Plus hubs loves to do the dishes. You have to fight for your me time, and for me, that means snatching up that half an hour here and there. Usually, this looks like early in the mornings and late at time before bedtime. 

Goodreads: The absolutely only way I can keep organized. Without Goodreads, I would never remember which books are the next on my list. I have to keep a list of the books that I have promised to read and review as well as all the ones that I have been wanting to read for fun too. It also helps me move on to the next book quickly if I am bored with one. There's never any time to NOT be reading just because I can't find one I love. I am always adding some to my "to-read" list and reading the Books sections of People and Entertainment Weekly. Oh, and whatever BookRiots Podcast, All The Books tells me to read. 

So those are my tricks. I hope maybe you found a useful trick to help you become more of a bookworm! 

Happy Reading! 

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