Spring Book Round Up #120

Could these covers be anymore beautiful? 

It may be 55 and windy as all get out so it feels like Spring in Missouri, thanks to beautiful blossoms and the sunshine. I think that's what made these covers pop out at me so much, they just reminded me of Spring; the colors and the fruit, I want to devour them all! 

Here are three words that caught my attention when I read the descriptions of my Spring picks: 

Marriage, survival and inspiration 

Change, secrets, overcome 

Broken, fierce, frontier 

Harrowing, disaster, mystery 

Engrossing, Friendships, Connections

See what I mean? Doesn't it just make you want to tell everyone to leave you alone so you can read? At least that's how I feel! 

I just finished The Nest, which I have to admit wasn't as ahhhhmazing as I was hoping. I hear family drama and I think everything is going to be as amazing as This is Where I Leave You, but alas, it wasn't. It still was a good read and I am going to have a full review of it up soon. Definitely worth it! I also listened to Dumplin' by Julie Murphy which I thought was super cute!  

Right now, I am reading Heart of Glass by Wendy Lawless and Sunday's on the Phone with Monday by Christine Reilly. I'm listening to Purity by Jonathan Franzen on right now but that I am not sure about it, it's a little weird for my taste but I will give it a try for a while since I can't download another from Audible until May 11th. 

What are you reading? 


  1. I really love the cover for Some Women. Totally makes me want to read it :)

  2. I enjoyed Tracy Chevalier's Girl with a Pearl Earring and have another book on my shelf to read by her. Girl Underwater sounds like a cool book title.

  3. Girl underwater sounds good. I just wrote blog post on my recent reads and I definitely prefer the mysteries. I just read 'In a Dark Dark Wood' and absolutely loved it.


  4. I know many say don't judge a book by its cover but let's be honest here I do when I pick up a book if the cover doesn't interest me I just put it back

  5. I'm waiting for Miller's Crossing and The Nest to come in from the library. Going through some Netgalley books now.

  6. The Nest has been receiving SO much hype since it came out, and to be honest, I usually tend to stay away from books like that. They always end up disappointing me because they're never as good as their hype. The last hyped book I read was Gone Girl a few years ago and it was godawful.


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