Book Review: It Happens All The Time

This book is a very important narrative for our society today. Not only does it have an important message, but it also has a multi-dimensional story line that makes it very powerful.

Told in a back and forth style between Tyler and Amber, It Happens All the Time tells the story of two friends who experience a night together that will change both of their lives forever. Hatvany tackles a very heavy and important topic: consent. 

Amber faces many questions: Will she ever be able to have healthy body image, will she ever be confident? Is her engagement the best decision and is she really in love? 

For one night, she decides to let loose and have fun with her friends and she felt safe enough to be a little reckless, especially since she has her best friend Tyler by her side. Flirting with him feels safe. Until one drink turns into more and suddenly, she is waking up with memories of the night before that shake her to her core. She remembers saying no to Tyler and she remembers that he didn't listen. 

When Tyler tells his side of the story, it's quite different from Amber's. He can't understand why she won't talk to him... The most shocking/interesting thing about the book is that you get to see the man's point of view. You can tell the author wrote this with a powerful message and experience behind it.

There is a shocking start to the book that caught my attention right away and I couldn't look away until I finished the last page. 

This is a great because of the thrilling story and account of the dynamics between women and men, our lovers and our enemies... and how quickly those dynamics can change. But also, the importance of it's message makes this a must read.

To hear the author's personal story and inspiration behind this book, visit her website: 


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