Books that Bring a Ray of Sunshine

Lately I've notice a little "summery" theme among some of my ARCs and picks on the top of my TBR stack so I wanted to tell you about them: 

My review for The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green - A classic family drama from Jane Green, that has her familiar, great story-telling vibe-although I did feel like the story was on a much more larger scale, which impressed me. There were a lot of characters and story lines that kept me interested. I am always drawn to stories about mother/daughter relationships. It's about the Sunshines, Ronnie, the mother, put stardom before her children and now she's at the end of her life with alot of explaining to do. Her 3 daughters are all very different and dynamic and I loved their individual story lines. I felt like there was a missed opportunity to really dive into why there is such a strained relationship between the mother and her 3 daughters, I would have liked more flashbacks because they are seriously estranged...but the action of their current lives was enough to keep me interested. 

Losing the Light by Andrea Dunlop- I just dove into this and the writing is spot on. Literal, honest and to-the-point and I love that. I don't have time to tip toe around the details or the back story and Dunlop does an awesome job at diving right in. I liked and trusted the main character, Brooke, right away, even as she is telling me about a dead girl and an affair with her college professor in the first couple chapters. It's set in France. Frenchmen everywhere. What else do you need?? 

Hello, Sunshine by Laura Dave- This cover though, can we just send up the praise hand emojis? If this doesn't get you ready to read poolside, I don't know what will. The main character is a social media star with a luxe lifestyle and everything going for her. And of course, a secret she's trying to keep. Juicy! 

The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner-  This book caught my attention on #bookstagram (which obviously happens a lot because it's my happy place) and I really had a feeling that I was going to love it. Do you ever see a book and just feel like "yes, that's going to be my new favorite."- that's how I feel abou this book. It has everything I need to bring a little sunshine in my life: drama, family, the beach and deep, dark secrets. I mean, other than a chilled wine spritzer, what else do you really need in June? 

Are any of these going to be on your Summer Reading List? Tell me what you're reading! 


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