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16 Books for Your Fall Reading List

Here's What I WISH I could read in the next 2 months. I read 13 books in August so I am hoping to keep up the pace! 

Instead of a synopsis, I am simply listing what made me want to read each book. Click on the title to read more about the books on Goodreads! I've also received most of these books through the publishers or Netgalley, so I'm also giving shout outs because I am so thankful for all of the review copies! 

Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo - I've heard about this book on the All The Books podcast from Book Riot and so many of my fellow bookstagrammers are raving about it. (Amazon)

Without Merit by Colleen Hoover - I hear about Colleen Hoover all the time and everyone LOVED It Ends With Us, but I didn't at all. So when I was contacted by the publisher asking if I would like a copy of her newest book, I decided to give her another try. We shall see! (ARC, Atria Books) 

Something Like Happy by Eva Woods - This book was on a list of recommendations from Netgalley, who gave me the e-book. Sounds like something I will enjoy. 

George & Lizzie by Nancy Pearl-also another recommendation based on my reviews from Netgalley. 

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah- I am a huge fan of Hannah (The Nightengale) You just can't go wrong. Thanks to St. Martin's Press! 

Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin- Anyone else weirdly fascinated by Monica Lewinsky? Bueller? Sorry, but I am and I can't help it, so when I heard that this campy little book mimics the biggest sex scandal of the 90s, I couldn't help it. Just received a beautiful hardback from Algonquin Books! 

Shadow of the Lions by Christopher Swann- Thanks to bookstagram, here's another one I heard about through the bookworm grapevine and received a hardback review copy from Algonquin Books. 

Unraveling Oliver by Liz Nugent- Honestly, this book caught my attention because of the cover. Thinking this may be a good one to use my September Audible credit on. 

The Other Alcott by Elise Hooper- The March Sisters were some of the first characters I fell in love with so when I heard about this book, a nonfiction account of the author's own sister, I knew I had to read it. Thanks for the copy, William Morrow! 

How to Behave in a Crowd by Camille Bordas-Another must read because of bookstagram. So many of the gals I follow on Instagram have been posting about this book. The title alone is something I have been trying to figure out on my own my whole life so I know I have to read it. (Thanks for the copy, Blogging for Books)

The Resurrection of Joan Ashby by Cherise Wolas- This book is just everywhere and getting great reviews. 

The It Girls by Karen Harper- I was browsing through the Fall catalog of upcoming releases from HarperCollins and this one caught my attention immediately. I am so excited they offered to send me an advanced reader's copy. 

The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas - I think this is an important book to read in today's culture of fast judgements and racial issues. I just think it's going to be a really good dose of perspective. 

Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley- This book piqued my interest a couple months ago and it kept getting pushed down on my list. BUT, thanks to my friend Steph at Life According to Steph, who raved about it on her Show Us Your Books, August post, I was reminded and back in the pile it goes! 

The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne - I have never heard the gals on All The Books podcast rave about a book as much as this one, so on to the pile it automatically goes. (Amazon, hardback) 

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng (My BOTM pick for September) Lots of buzz, plus being a pick from Book of the Month Club automatically gets you a spot on my TBR list. 

So there you have it- the list of books that will be keeping me busy this Fall. Bring on the hot coffee, the blankets  and the open windows, because it's my favorite time of year to curl up on the couch with great books! 


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