Book Review: Girl Unknown

I am so excited to partner with Henry Holt Books to tell everyone about a new thriller that demands a spot on your TBR list. 

Girl Unknown by Karen Perry is a must read! 

This is a great thriller, a story about a family who seems to have it all together, until a student of Professor David Connolly shows up in his office and drops a bomb that rocks the foundation of his happy life. 

Beautiful, young and waif-like, the girl claims that David is her father. David can't predict her next move and he doesn't know how out to navigate the rocky waters between doing right by this daughter he never knew about and also not betraying his wife and 2 children. Once the crack has started, it branches out and flaws and forgotten pasts resurface. 

As David tries to keep everything together, lies and secrets he has been keeping are catching up to him. Even a vacation can't get them away from this problematic young girl who seems to have dark, ulterior motives. 

Another child to love, another person to add to their family should be a blessing. But why can't David's wife shake the feeling that the girl is more of a threat? The twists in this book will surprise you, catch you off guard and make you question what you would do in the same situation.

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