Book Review: The Ghost Notebooks by Ben Dolnick

This story is impeccably delivered and written in a slow, steady, hyper-observant voice that is almost trance like. It reminded me of The Hours with Nicole Kidman. 

Two newlyweds trade in the New York City life for a slow pace experience: they're moving to an isolated town upstate to live in a museum, where Hannah will be the curated and her husband Nick is along for the ride. They envision a quiet life and a new start. But what they get instead is far different from what they imagine. 

The museum was once the home of Edmund Wright, who secretly had an obsession with spirits and was convinced that the ghost of his beloved, late son was still with him. The townspeople are protective of Wright's legacy. But Nick and Hannah's suspicion that the protection is actually the attempt to cover up dark secrets grows the longer they stay at the museum. When Hannah starts losing sleep and her obsession with Edmund Wright and the mysteries she uncovers grows, Nick watches his wife slowly slip away. 

What I found most interesting was how Nick was completely on the outside of what was going on with his wife and had no idea the demons that she was wrestling. But because of his determination and curiosity,  by the end of the book he himself was so immersed in what he discovers that he was finally able to connect with his wife again. 

Using excerpts from journals written years ago, Nick pieces together a mystery that others in the small town have been trying to forget. His devotion to his wife was so endearing.

The combination of Edmond Wright's diaries and Hannah‘s notebook entries were a mysterious element that created a ghost-like narrative that was a second, gripping layer to the story. I generally am not a believer in ghosts or spirits but I appreciate these stories because my imagination goes crazy. My favorite part in the book was when Nick saw his future with Hannah in a vision and it was the perfect way to tie up the loose ends.

What is your favorite ghost story? 

You can read more about The Ghost Notebooks on Belletrist's website or follow them on Instagram. The Ghost Notebooks was one of their picks! 


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