Book Review: The Husband Hour by Jamie Brenner

This book asks the questions that we all ask ourselves but have a hard time answering when it comes to our past. 

Did I make the right choice? What what if I could turn back time? What if I gave a second chance? What do I regret the most? What if I had walked away? What if...

Within the first chapter, I knew this book was going to tell an interesting story. Lauren is a young widow, devastated by her loss at only 24 years old. Her late-husband, US Hockey star and military hero, Rory Kincaid, has died in combat. They had their whole lives ahead of them.

In an attempt to hide from the world, Lauren escapes to her family's summer home in a secluded area on the Jersey Shore, away from the media buzz surrounding her husband. 

Four years later, Lauren is still at the shore, though initially her parents thought she'd eventually start over and move on. But Lauren feels safe. She's wrapped herself in quiet isolation in order to hide from the pain of the past. 

When her parents and estranged sister move back to the shore for the summer, Lauren is uncomfortable, even more so when they tell her they may be staying at the shore indefinitely. Beth and Stephanie both have secrets that are going to shatter the already shaky foundation that Lauren has built since her husband's death. 

As if her family troubles weren't enough, there's a film maker who has discovered details about Rory that he thinks will make a great documentary, so he rents a place on the shore and starts asking a lot of questions. Questions that start to make Lauren and others very uncomfortable. 

Lauren is determined to keep the memory of Rory high on a pedestal and in her heart. But the secrets that Matt's documentary are uncovering aren't what she wants to face. I was rooting for Lauren. I wanted her to heal, I wanted her to face the past but I was rooting for her to find a new path, one with a brighter future. I was so invested in her character, I felt like she was a friend in real life that I felt protective over.

There are so many interesting family dynamics in play and there are twists that will make you stop in your tracks, so be prepared. 

It's called The Husband Hour, but this book is going to stay around in my mind for much longer, probably years. 

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