My 12-Month Book Challenge

I am so excited to share this idea with you! 
As I was writing this post about making promises to myself, I knew I had to organize my thoughts and plans NOW in order to keep those promises and that's where this book challenge idea came from! 

Here's the deal- this is in no way a gotta-do-it-all challenge. There's no commitment required. I only ask that if you DO read anything inspired by one of the prompts, you hightail your beautiful butt back here to tell me all about it! 

I wrote this with the idea that each month, you can pick one of the topics to help you choose a book to read that month. I will be reading way more than 1 book a month (that's the plan anyway) but this will ensure that I won't have to think too hard about which to pick for at least one of them. Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy. 

For January, I picked No.1 -An Audiobook- because I always listen to them anyway on my drive to work I'm listening to The Smart One by Jennifer Close. My library doesn't have a huge selection so I take what I can get. I am actually enjoying this one. It's a great family drama about a mother and her 3 children who are grown but have all made mistakes and are now coming back home and she looks up one day to find them all at the breakfast table as if the last 15 years never happened. It's very easy to relate to and I love reading about mother/sister relationships. 

Another way to stay on top of the books you read this year is to take the Goodreads Challenge. 

I've pledged 40 books this year. That's a lot. Maybe I've been too ambitious but maybe not. I originally said 50 and then I realized I have two kids, a full time job, a husband, 2 cats and a very unorganized way of doing things so I got real. Forty it is. 

Which of the 12 book ideas are you going to go with first? 

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